Olay Regenerist microsculpting UV cream moisturiser SPF30

Olay Regenerist microsculpting UV cream moisturiser SPF30
Cost: 1,699 pesos (approx: $36)
Net wt: 50 ml

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Aside from cleansing, another important skin care regimen that should always  be on our list is to moisturize. I admit that on my lazy days, I can skip everything and go only  for two steps: cleanse and moisturize. So, it is essential for me to have a reliable moisturizer I can trust for my daily skin care needs. As of the moment, I have tried a few and one of my recent favorite is this microsculpting UV cream moisturiser from Olay Regenerist. Do you remember my review on Olay Regenerist overnight ritual? This is the counterpart moisturizer of the microsculpting night cream that gives intense boost of moisture.

Magaan soft hair: Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Cream Conditioner

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I know this post was long overdue on my draft but I could not forget to share this new discovery. I struggled on having a thick, dry hair. This is because of the combined damage of chemical hair treatments and excessive heat exposure. I always opted to seek on hair products that nourishes and moisturizes my hair. I didn't anticipated that my latest hair venture was from one of my trusted hair care brand, Palmolive Naturals.

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream

Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream
Cost: around 1,499 pesos (approx:$ 32.5)
Net wt: 50ml

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Here is the review of the micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream from Olay Regenerist line. It is a luxe make-up primer that promises to instantly blur lines, refines pores and hydrates for a velvety smooth skin and in 4 weeks of use, it will dramatically improves wrinkles and even deep eye lines. My first impression on this product is my high expectation on the instant blurring of pores effect. Since it claims to be on top among its game, I hope the price is worth of the results it will deliver.

First of its kind! Aqua White BB cream by Blushing Beauty

Aqua White BB cream Hydrating Water-Burst Formula
Cost: 1,250 pesos (approx: $27)
Shade: Natural Beige
Net wt: 40ml
Available at: Blushing Beauty by SkinStation

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Lately, I told you about the newest innovation in skincare formulated by Mr. Fred C. Reyes, the founder of Blushing Beauty by SkinStation. I was so amazed and impressed by this BB cream. It was the first of its kind in a line of BB cream to have water-burst formula. I will not be shock if there will be same kind of formulation with other brands in the future since this product was promising and on top of its game. Let's take a look at this product closely.

Share your confidence: Pink Squad Essentials

Whisper Skin Love Day/Night Pack 8s (28cm)
Cost: 69.00 pesos (approx $1.5)

Olay Skin Whitening Bar Rose and Milk
Full size: 60g / 90g
Cost: 34.00 pesos (approx $0.7) / 46.00 pesos (approx $1)

Belo Baby Cologne (Sweet Snuggle)
Full size: 100ml
Cost: 79.75 pesos (approx $1.7)

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Does the rainy weather makes you even more hassle? Or did it kept you relaxed and comfortable in your staycation at home? Whether you are struggling to cope up with the weather or keeping it safe in a laid back manner, it shouldn’t take away your confidence in facing your daily goals. Here are my pink squad essentials to help you in keeping you fresh, dry and clean during this season.