Intimate meets comfort: Amez Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkin Pads

Photo by: Amez Care FB page
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Warning: This post is for women only. Have you heard about Amez Bio Herbal sanitary pads? I bet you haven't, especially if you are residing in the Philippines. This sanitary napkin is only readily available in Malaysia but people can also purchase it online on their website. If it wouldn't be expensive to ship these products all the way from Malaysia, I would love to  buy more of these. Amez was generous enough to sent me a set of their sanitary pads including day and night pads and their pantyliners. Unfortunately, the original photos intented for this post was corrupted. Presently, I ran out of stock of the day pads that is why it wasn't included in my recent photos, Gladly, I borrowed some pictures on Amez care FB page.

It's been almost a year since my period doesn't bother me much. I usually have it for only 3 to 5  days maximum. The abdominal cramps are  also  minimal, mostly on my first day. Before, I need to take pain medication to ease the cramps. But now, the pain was much more tolerable than ever before. All that I am concerned was my comfort and confidence during my period. Sanitary napkin play an important role in our red days.  It should lessen the hassle we are already experiencing and promote a more comfortable vibe like it is just an extra ordinary day for us women.

R.N. Notes #1: How to be a nurse?

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This will be my very first R.N.Notes. It took me so long to start this series of posts because I actually don't know how to begin writing this journey. I would like to tell a story on how I started my life as a nurse by profession. 

Just like many other highschool graduates, I am so confused of what I really want to  pursue in college. I know in my heart that I wanted to study a course inclined with arts, like Multimedia arts and Interior Designing. At the same time, my love to explore the world and travel also made me think to take up Tourism or Multilingual course. These courses still lingers on my mind that someday I wanted to pursue because it was my first love and initially what I really wanted in life. I never thought of taking up nursing, although I heard a lot about it because of the career opportunities abroad. Many students in the time that I graduated took up nursing because of the peer pressure and greener pasteur ahead of us. I never knew that these shallow reasons brought me to a greater purpose in life.

Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara by Maybelline

Maybelline Hypercurl Volum' Express in Very Black
Cost: 199.00 pesos (approx $4.2)

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When you got a bright eyes, you should take it as an advantage. They say we can speak through our eyes and why not make someone obey with your pleasing eyes. Ha! That's kinda statement. One of my top 5 make-up essential is mascara. It is true that one should make the most of their asset. In my case, it is my eyes. It is easy for me to love any mascara that I own because they all compliment with my beautiful eyes. Lol! Kidding aside, well, ahem! I have such lovely, obedient lashes to start with and all I have to do is to swipe that mascara to make the magic happen.

2017 Prom Dress and Evening Gown Ideas

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The love month is getting closer. Date and prom nights are coming. Most of the ladies are having a hard time to decide what to wear on their special day. I, myself, can still clearly remember the struggle I had during my prom days. I have no idea what dress will suit me because I rarely wear dresses and it makes me feel uncomfortable. At least, I have survived my awkward days. Let's just talk about it some other time. Thank goodness, online shops made it easier to browse and find inspiration on different dresses that caters all women's needs. My recent online shop discovery for dresses was Okdress. They have all kinds of lovely dresses for every special occasion like weddings, cocktails and prom. 

I had fun browsing through their wide selection of gowns. If I had a chance to attend my prom again, here are my top picks for lace, vintage and sexy prom and evening dresses. By the way, they are running a flash sale on most of their stunning dresses right now. So better check them out.

Featured sample from Zenutrients: Bug Balm, Spahhnitizer and Lip Butter

Zenutrients Lavender & Eucalyptus Bug Balm
Net wt: 50 mL (full size)
Cost: 290 pesos (approx:$5.9)

Zenutrients Lavender All Around Spahhnitizer
Net wt: 50 mL (full size) 
Cost: 140 pesos (approx:2.8$)

Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter
Net wt: 15g (full size)
Cost: 170 pesos (approx:$3.4)

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Everyone who tried Sample Room will eventually miss sampling. These products have been around since late last year on their site but I was only able to grab it just now and I am excited and as usual, a happy girl! I have tried several products from Zenutrients and I am hands down on how they transformed organic into helpful and economical products that are free from harmful chemicals. My don't panic, its organic  mantra is on the loose. While searching for the items to sample in their site, I find these products interesting to try. Well, there is always something special in Zenutrients products that are uniquely made that you can't easily find in any other brands. Let's take a closer look with what I have sampled.