Beauty Destination: BeautyMNL + Under 1000 pesos Beauty Haul

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If you are a beauty enthusiast, you wouldn't missed to check on one of the must-see beauty site in the metro,, where you can curate your next beauty haul. With so many online sellers nowadays, there are only few of the most trusted beauty sites that we go to purchase our favorite beauty products may it be  locally or internationally. BeautyMNL is one of those few that gathered legit brands in one site for an optimum beauty shopping experience. Let me take you to my recent spree on their site.

MillyBridal: Dresses for Little Princess

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Princess gowns for the cutesy flower girls are on spotlight for today. I always feature evening dresses and bridal gowns, but for now, let us give way for the little lovely flower bearers in a wedding ceremony. I was once an adorable flower girl and for sure, as little as these mini darlings knew that they are too adorable. What makes them more interesting is the lovely as the bride dresses that they wore that make them more stand out. Here are my top 10 picks from the Millybridal UK, a dress design and manufacturing company that specializes in wedding dresses. I have seen their collection of ball gown wedding dresses and was overwhelmed with them. Not only that, they are offering cheap wedding dresses too. 

R.N Notes #2: The Confessions of a Newbie Nurse

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How was your first duty working as a nurse? I am not referring to the duty hours we have spent during our nursing curriculum in the university where we have our buddies in a group. I am talking about the actual days of working as a newcomer in a progressive medical center. I wish I wrote this sooner here so I can still grasp the full details of what is like to be in that situation. I am working as a full-time staff nurse for quite sometime now, and as the years past, I can see the same situations that I, myself, deal as a newbie in the hospital. That is why I wrote this for you to know that you are not alone in a new chapter you are entering.

Insta-white with SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Face Cream Powder

SkinWhite 3-1 Advanced Whitening Face Cream
Cost: 82.80 pesos (approx: $1.8)/ 7g: 22.80 pesos (approx: $0.50)
Net wt: 20g (also available in 7g)
Shades: Light beige (other variants Rose White and White)
Available at: Leading stores nationwide (PH)

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Turn your face cream into a powder magic. That is SkinWhite face cream! It is a go-to cream with a powder finish. It instantly brightens up the skin and gives a radiant-looking face. It is the evolutionized version of our baby powder but of course, much better. You can touch-up on the go without powder fall outs. It is perfect for daily use. It has powerwhitening formula that attacks melanin production such as blocking UV rays from entering innermost layer of the skin,suppresing melanin production  and  preventing release of melanin to uppermost layer of the skin to prevent further skin darkening. Let's take a closer look!

Mini-spa goodness: Zenutrients Lavender All Around Spahhnitizer

Zenutrients Lavender All Around Spahhnitizer
Net wt: 50 mL (full size) 
Cost: 140 pesos (approx:2.8$)

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Mini-spa moments can be brought everywhere with you using this all-around spahhnitizer. It is overflowing with goodness in one bottle. I thought it was a clever idea to made such this "SPAHHNITIZER". I am not sure if it was an original idea, but I have never tried this kind of formulation before. Zenutrients never fail to amaze me with their amazing formulation of organic products. By the way, as a medical professional, sanitizing is a basic activity that we do that is why I am used to carry an alcohol or sanitizer with me all the time. Of all the antiseptic solution I already used, this one is special. Sanitizing isn't as relaxing and mood-changing as this before. Yes!