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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hey Girl!

As a make-up beginner, eye lining the eyes is one of the difficult part for me, it can be really frustrating at first when you can't do it right and symmetrical on both eyes but still, I can assure you that those frustrating mistakes will make your eye lining better as you practice. That is why I want to share some tips,tricks and techniques that I learned on how to apply eyeliner.

We can use gel,liquid,pencil or powder eyeliner in eye lining our eyes. I started using pencil because it can be easily controlled by your hand as if you are drawing but smears easily while liquid liner though staying power is a lot better than pencil can be tricky to use and needs a lot of practice to master (because you don't want that messy panda eyes to happen cause it is hard to remove if you make a mistake/s) and lately, I have been using gel liner which I thought will be difficult to use but still I easily learned as it glides smoothly on the eyelids plus it stays long. Lastly, you can use the powder liner if you don't want heavy line but still want to define your eyes and can be blend easily to your eye shadow that way mistake can be easily corrected.

Winged/Cat-eyed Eyeliner
This is the most popular in  accentuating and pleasing in all eye types. It can be tricky at first but can be learned as you practice.

Step 1: Line your eyes diagonally to the tip of your brows
Step 2: Make another diagonal line down to the eyelid to create a wing
Step 3: Fill in the middle eyelids all the way to the inner corner of the eyes
Step 4: Fill the winged tip

Hands too shaky to create a winged line? Try these techniques I learned.

We will make use of the medical tape (micropore tape), business card (any card 3x2 inches of size), and an angled brush.

Trick#1: TAPE technique

Step 1: Peel off a 2 inch size of micropore tape/medical tape (it is paper type tape more stable and stickier than the usual plastic tape.
Step 2: Angle the tape diagonally to the tip of the brows (like shown in the photo below)
Step 3: Trace a line from the angled tape to create a diagonal line (just enough line for your winged eyeliner)
Step 4: Peel off the tape and you have an angled line

Step 5: Placed the tape diagonally above the line you just created to make a winged line
Step 6: Lastly, Peel it off! Just fill in the winged line and extend the line to the inner corner of the eyes


Trick#2: CARD technique

Step 1 : Place the card diagonally to create a line ( the card trick was not as stable as the tape trick so you need to hold the card firmly to create a straight line)
Step 2: Create another line by placing the card diagonally just above the line you just created
Step 3: Lastly, fill it in and your DONE! 

Trick#3: ANGLED BRUSH technique

Step 1: Get your favorite angled brush and load up with your eyeliner.Position your angled brush (like shown in the photo below) and pat to create a diagonal line. This technique is the most easy to do and no much effort on the things needed.
Step 2: Load up again your brush and create another line diagonally above the line you just created to make a winged line
Step 3: Almost done just fill in the winged line and extend to the inner corners of the eyes

UP Tight line and DOWN White Liner Combination

I tried out tight lining (putting liner on the inner lids) this time I use it only on the upper rim of my eyes and white liner on down part. The tight line part gives a fuller and sharper look to the eyes while the white line gives a brighter and appealing look.

Different side of my eyes

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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