My Hair Story

Friday, September 13, 2013

My Hair Story

Hey Girl!

I am naturally curly, that's why it's always been my dream to have a straight hair. Since I was a teen, I have heard a lot of straightening process in salons and I always bother my mom to get straight hair at the salon. It is an expensive and risky process so most of the time she wouldn't allow and give me money for a lot of reasons. By that time, I settle for straightening iron my cousin bought me as a gift on my elementary graduation day. I used it most of time but my hair got even worse as it frizz my hair and the straight hair from the iron doesn't lasts for even an hour, it only makes me wanna have that "straight hair dream". It was my goal to got my hair straightened at the salon before  I graduate high school so I save up my allowance for that special day for me. And the time comes, when I have my "hair relax", I was so excited I can enumerate the whole process but definitely it was a hard one, I felt my scalp got burned by the iron few times and I have waited for a lot  of hours (7-8 hours). Although straightened, I feel happy at the moment and dissatisfied for a long time because I can feel that my hair is really rough,dry,frizzy and my hair gets brittle and even have a lot of hair falls after a month of the process. So I always do my hair in a tie so it will not be a "bad hair everyday" for me.

After a year, I decided to have a hair cut and start to grow out my natural hair, as my new hair grows I can see changes in my hair my naturally curly hair become wavy+frizzy and it is unmanageable so most of the time I am on a hair tie plus the requirement of my college course to put a hair always in tie with a net that's why hair gels,wax,creams were my bestfriends by that time. It's been two years since I didn't let my hair treated at the salon and  let my natural hair grows,until I heard a new salon straightening technique called "hair rebonding" I heard that it is far better than "hair relax" that I have done before. So I decided to get treated again, but the effect on my hair wasn't that amazing as I expected. I doesn't straightened my hair as much as I wanted to, after few months it is back from wavy,frizzy hair. I was so disappointed because it is really expensive to get hair treated at the salon and it doesn't even lasts on my hair, maybe because my hair was really naturally curly that is why rebonding is not as much gorgeous with hair naturally straight getting hair rebonded. My straight hair dream doesn't lasts as much as I want to or maybe it is not the right time to get straight because I always need my hair to be tied as per decorum in my college course (BS-Nursing). Then, I heard that there are a lot of different products used in rebonding process and maybe the product used on my hair last time I got rebonded wasn't a good one and my dream gets on again and decided for the third time and got rebonded for another try the day before my college graduation, I go to salon with my friend that our other friend recommends us that makes a good rebonding process, but to our disappointment, our money wasn't enough for the rebonding process, eager to get rebonded we go to another salon nearby same salon name different branch which offers a package discount by that time. So we decided together to get rebonded at last, and the experience still wasn't so much good I know that there is something wrong, because that time we were two girls rebonded at the same time with one salon staff (the other staff were so busy with other customers,there were many because of the existing promo that time). I think our hair wasn't watched out carefully and that makes it a little undone for me because I know my hair needs an extra attention because it is wavy/curly type. I didn't complain and my hair was beautiful at the day of my graduation but after I wash my hair it wasn't straightened well enough, it looks wavy straight, I know it will happen and still disappointed throughout the years. 

I just wish to have a straight wig or just have a straight hair extensions just to fill in my straight hair dream. And just now, I recently have my hair rebonded, it's been more than a year since my last rebonding and kinda frustrating experience and now I just leave it just to again get my hair done without so much expectations and guess what? I really like it. It was my 3rd hair day since I haven't washed  it and now as I was writing this I already washed it (it's always been a trauma for me that after I wash my newly rebonded hair it wasn't as great as after I go out to salon and looks like the same hair story) but now, after I washed my hair it as good and I'm so much happy! I promise myself to treat my hair carefully and have it conditioned/reborn once in a while. I know it will not be permanent but my straight hair dream will stay and not just straight but healthy hair as well.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. hi mikee! i can relate so much to your story. i have natural curly / frizzy hair :( back in highschool i had it straightened and the salon burned my hair :( they had to treat it for months to repair the damage. after that i got scared and stopped going to the salons. i always have that "bad hair day everyday" like you said. i always put my hair in a bun. until now it is still unmanageable but i found a salon who does hair relax perfectly. i do it once a year the only down side is its very expensive. im scheduled for another treatment on nov but im thinking of maybe postponing it and find ways to treat my hair on my own muna :)

    1. Hello Shayne! It is interesting to hear that you have same experience or can relate on my hair story. If you're planning to treat your own hair, try mo yung Mondes hair treatment you can buy it at Watsons P 109.00 lang, I've been using it even before I got rebonded it makes my hair smooth and soft at least kahit na wavy. But still, salon staff advised me that if you really want to maintain a well-treated hair you still have to go to salon especially sa hair type natin, maintenance is the key because yung mga hair treatment products mostly bought at local drugstore is more likely parang conditioner rin daw. Nice talking to you. Good luck! :)))