5 Basic Beauty tricks you want to know

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey Girl!

I am always happy and excited to share something about tricks I learned everywhere. Many of it were something we never heard about and we are so fascinated that these tricks actually works.


Before we knew some tricks about eyelining, we had so much difficulty in creating a perfect winged eye until we knew it there were so much tricks in store for us in creating a cat eye. I actually had a post about some other tricks about eyelining and I am surprised there is still more to learn and discover. It is the spoon trick. It is not a secret that we had so much tricks we can do using spoon (and we will talk about it on my future posts I guess) and this is just one of them. Basically, it is just as easy as using spoon in perfecting in lining the eyes. It is just good to know that we can use spoon eyelining technique in some unexpected beauty situations. Beauty on-the-go it is!


We use to do concealing just undereye and but we don't know that it is so much better and effective if we do conceal on parts extending our undereyes. This way it will look more natural rather than having a white portion under eye which is so obvious because it doesn't match the tone of the other parts of the face.


For an instant pop of the eyes, use a business card to hold up the lashes and sweep the brush against it. Because the card holds the lashes against it you won't miss a coat on each lashes.


It is about shaping your lips to get that perfect lips. We don't just want to tint it but we wanted our lips in perfectly shape. This technique looks new to me and I am happy to learn about it because most of the time I just put my lips in a manner of just putting a color itself but this time isn't it more attractive if we can do it like a pro? The technique teaches more about the correct lip lining that gives more definition and highlight the lips.


If you are tired of waiting long time before you completely dry out your mani, try these trick: if you usually used to apply a couple of thick coats in your manicure just to fasten up the process think again it actually makes your waiting time a little longer than what you think. Try doing it several thin coats in this way it can easily dry because usually, though the upper layer had dried, the inner layer dries longer because of the thick coats compare if you do it in a thin coats.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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