Beautiful Things Vol.1

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Welcome December! It is the happiest month for me and my family. We should start our month with good vibes and beautiful ideas. I always love things that makes me happy,happier and happiest. ;)) I will start to feature beautiful things which I bought or given to me that makes me instantly happy may it be small or big, cheap or expensive anything under the shiny sun and bright moon in the sky. Enjoy!

Hey Girl!

Since bazaar is just everywhere this month, I bought every piece in just P50.00 or less. How cool is that? Such a happiest kid!

1. Panda Sleeping Pad

Okay! Idk what it is really called. It is something like you put on the eyes when you are sleeping but in this case it almost cover the entire face. When I saw the Panda I instantly grab it whatever it is (lol!). Question? yes, you could still breathe normally while it is on.

2. Hello Kitty eye wear

I know it can be found anywhere but this one is just so unique and too cute to resist.

3. Panda Purse

Panda is not my favorite but I find Panda so adorable and can make anyone happy of its cuteness. There are variety of animal of choice for this kind of purse but this one definitely caught my attention. 

4. Heart-printed bag

The price is so cheap for this pretty little bag. Perfect to be a make-up bag or just put your pretty little things on it. Love! 

5. Earrings

Beautifully-designed earrings. I love the cat design and I got the bonus of two other earrings (one not in picture I'm already wearing while writing about this). In the photo below is a charming flower silver earrings mom got me.

6. Rings

Let's start of with this gorgeously made hello kitty ring I'm in love at first sight. Super duper pretty gives your finger instantly chic.haha! And then, the "M" ring I got myself for my name,it is really a unique piece because  you gotta customize it yourself. Lastly, the so fun and playful mustache ring is so loved.

7. Mickey mouse necklace

I like Mickey Mouse ever since that is why my "Mikee" nickname was pronounced as "Mickey" as in Mickey Mouse. They actually got my nickname on it. Everything cutie mickey mouse is much appreciated.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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