Something to thank for..

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Photo by: beautyeditor

It is Christmas Day! For me, it is a day for "thank you" for every reason I am happy everyday because of them. It is been an achievement year for me this year. I've accomplished and done so much for myself this year and this time it is my time for thanking back. Thank you because I found my very first job as a registered nurse on the first quarter of this year and thank you because I've found my love for blogging on the second. It is fulfilling yet a risk to start my very first this year but still I didn't feel afraid to start this new journey. There were instances I am discouraged but through those tough times I found myself,my abilities and what I can do. Now, I have every reason to thank those good and not so good I conquered this year. It is now a start of another never ending journey I'm in and maintain what I've started. There are only few times I doubted myself because I know I can take a risk,I can handle rough times and I've been miserable enough for not doing what I want and what I love in life. I am thankful for the support system I had although most of the times they didn't say nor do something. I know there is a part in me they did that is why I am like this. I am thankful for everything I had, those material things that made me happy for a while and give me inspiration to do more and create beautiful things so we can be happy everytime. Thank you for my Lord for giving me this creative mind and body to learn,inspire and do more. Thank you!

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