Dr Wong's Sulfur Soap

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dr. S.Wong's Sulfur Soap
Cost: P 52.00
Net wt: Bar soap 80g and (4.76 oz) 135g
Ingredients: Sulfur 2%
Manufactured by: International Pharmaceuticals Inc
Place bought: Watsons

Hey Girl!

So, I will be sharing my experience with this Dr Wong's soap that I've been using for months now. My face is acne prone because I have oily skin. I've actually tried a lot of acne products for my face may it be cream,soap,facial wash and serum. There will be no month that I will not get a pimple;they come and go on my face and it is really stressful for me. But I am still lucky that they don't stay too long in face, it just that it never ends. Thanks I've found this inexpensive soap that suits "hiyang" on me while I was looking around Watsons in the soaps for acne corner. At first, I have no much expectations on this soap, it is just an ordinary acne sulfur soap that I've used before with no much difference. After 3 months of using it, I personally want to share my satisfaction on this product. This will be the first acne product that I can say proven effective for me with so much product I've tried before. It really prevents acne and will dry up immediately an upcoming acne. It also tightens pores you can feel it immediately after using it. But because it is sulfur, it can be drying to the face and you may need to moisturize while using this product and there will also be a minimal peeling of the face which is both tolerable and you could do something about. I also want to say that I submit myself for a monthly facial while I used this and doesn't use any other acne product but this. I have minimal to almost no breakout while using this, when one showed up the other day, it dries up and the day after or next it is almost gone that's how it works on me. Now I am just treating some blackheads and other acne marks I had on my previous breakouts through facial. I used this everyday preferably early morning and before sleeping at night so there will be minimal sun exposure while using the product but you can still use this as needed when you just stay at home. It is a yellow-colored soap, big and doesn't melt much with water that why it will took you long before you ran out of it,which is cost-effective I may say, the smell is like any other medicated soap. I highly recommend this for those oily skin and acne prone face like me. Thanks to Dr Wong's Sulfur Soap.

Update: Dr. S.Wong's Sulfur Soap with moisturizer is now available. Check out my full review HERE.

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