San San HD Concealer

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

San San HD Concealer
Shade: Beige (also available in Natural)
Cost: 105.00 pesos (I got it for 100.00 pesos)
Net wt: 0.08 fl.oz/2.5 ml
Made in P.R.O.C
Place bought: HBC

Hey Girl!

Maybe you've already saw by now something new on your fav HBC nearest you. Yes! They've got new products and it is just one of them the San San HD Concealer. I got this last month where they are on sale so I got it immediately because I also wanted to try it. It is exciting to see new make-up product at the HBC store. There are variety of new HD product San San has to offer from two-way cake,lipstick,liquid foundation and this concealer. I got a lot of different concealer in my make-up bag because I believe to create a good picture you have to first create a perfect finish canvass which in my case it is needed most. 

The ingredients
It comes in a pen-type with a brush tip which I like though sometimes I can't control the amount of concealer that I applied because the control of the concealer is on the other side of the brush tip where you have to twist it and the product will come out. It feels like painting you face I used it in spot concealing and it works well on it. 

It blends well on the skin without making it look oily, it  turns into matte type after blending it. Job well done to San San for creating a quality affordable product for all of us. The concealing is great! Only thing, you have to always remember to recap for it dries fast.

And let's try concealing! :)

I put some on areas needed to be conceal. As I have said, it is perfect for spot concealing.

When you are done concealing everything using your fingertips or much better if you use your concealer brush to distribute the product evenly

That what it looks like on one layer concealing but for the purpose of the product trial I want to give another try layer of concealing (usually one layer is fine for me)  if it could conceal more my dark spots and also for some areas I forgot to conceal for a flawless face look.

One-layer concealing


After second layer-concealing
Finish up with powder. I gotta give a credit for my 4u2 Dreamgirl Lovelight BB powder that I used here because it gives the complete package in creating a flawless face look on my face.

That's it!

The results!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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  1. Hi there,
    I have 2 dark blemishes on my skin. That is a size of a 5 cents coin. Or maybe a bit smaller than that. I'm currently using San San Soleil Matte Foundation on my face but it failed to cover those freakin blemish. Do you think this would be a great product to use?

    Or let's say if I use this,would this compliment with my Nichido Pressed Powder? Thanks.

    1. Just like you, I have dark blemishes too and as you can see above, it lightens my dark blemishes but not totally cover everything. It may not be as good as perfectly flawless but my face becomes better. I haven't tried the NIchido pressed powder yet but I've seen one of my colleagues used it and it works great on her. I think it would work well with any foundation just as long as their shades compliments with your face. Thanks. :)

    2. The thing is I'm confused when it comes to what shades to choose esp. if the product has 2 or more shades.. I have fair skin but I'm not sure if I should go for a lighter shade or a slightly darker one. sorry to bother you.

    3. I'm happy to response cris! :) As far as I know, 2 shades lang available niyan sis. Since you got fairer skin, get the shade: Natural.