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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dearest CATLovers,

If you think cats are the same, think again. Every cat owner has their own story about their cats. They seem to act the same but if you pay attention on the details of their behaviors you will notice like us, they've got their own unique characteristics. In this way, you will understand your cats more and will know the right approach in taking care of them.

Just a glimpse of my siblings kitty cats. Yes, they obviously different physically but I tell you they are more different in behavior and attitude.

Juan. This black and white cat is the eldest in minutes of the three. He is the smartest and well behaved. He interacts well with people around him. He eems to understand what's happening aroung him.

Shawilita (Shawie). This cat is the shy but sweet type. You barely even heard her soft spoken meow. SHe will silently interact with people by sitting on the lap,sleeping beside you and swipe her soft fur on your skin.

Miguel. The loud and independent one. You will always see him out in the yard doing his thing. He is also the one who meows a lot. He can actually live by his own in the wild.

How about your cat? Share me your cat story!

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