Eyeliner Smackdown: What type of eyeliner is best for you?

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Hey Girl!

I am definitely an eyeliner lover and doing cat-eye on my make-up is one that I look forward in doing. We have several types of eyeliners available now in the market with different purposes depending on what suits our needs.

1. Pencil. It is the most common type of eyeliner that we have on our make-up kit. It can easily be use and controllable that's why it is recommended for beginners. It is easy to find and has variety of colors available. It can be in a regular pencil and kohl which is sharpened everytime for optimum use while there is also retractable liners that does not need sharpening but will not be sharp enough after the pre-sharpened tip was already used.

         1.1 Regular Pencil. It is the go-to liner for everyone. It is somewhat between the dramatic eye look and the soft one. It can be use on a daily cat-eyed look but not best for tightlining/waterline. The average lasting factor is 3 hours for these type of pencil liner.

        1.2 Kohl Pencil. This one can be easily use and has more prominent color than the regular one. It is perfect to use in tightlining/waterline. It is soft enough to glide on the skin and bold enough to pull out that cat-eye look. It takes a good smudge and you can create a dramatic smokey look using this kind of eyeliner.

2. Gel/Cream Liner. Some say they are the same but as per my experience they are so different on each other. It comes in a small tube/pot sometimes with brush applicator included.

       2.1 Gel eyeliner. When it comes out on the market, it becomes so popular because it is highly controllable as it easily glides on the skin and has prominent color than the cream. You can also blend/smudge it before it actually dries but don't worry you will have enough time as this one doesn't dry that fast.

      2.2 Cream eyeliner. This is more on the softer side. If you want more of a natural look, cream liner is for you. It is not as bold as the gel but this one is highly blendable and easy to glide too. This one is perfect for a soft smokey eye.

3. Liquid Liner. It is best for for those who have already mastered the application of eyeliner and has a steady hand because mistakes can't be easily altered with this type of eyeliner as it dries easily. If you are on a prominent,flawless, clean look this one is for you though it is not intended to use in the waterline. It gives the cat-eye the sharp look it needed. It comes in brush type and felt tip. My personal favorite was the pen type felt tip liquid eyeliner. It takes practice if you want to use this kind of eyeliner but if you already have it this is a good tool for that sharp,edgy cat-eye look.

4. Eyeshadow as an eyeliner. This one is the easiest to use and it has variety of different color to choose from. Highly blendable and creates very soft natural look. On the other hand, it doesn't last long and cannot be use in waterline.

Here are some of the eyeliners I have.

Most of them I  got a review already. Check them out here:
1. San San Gel Eyeliner
2. Pinkies Collections Eyeliner Cream
3. Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil
4. San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

and the swatches ladies!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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  1. nice post.really helpful. i've the regular one and the liquid one ;) what's your favorite?

  2. Thanks! My fav. is pen type felt tip liquid eyeliner. :D

  3. I remember that when I was in high school, that was totally the time that I tried putting on make-up. I tried pencil eyeliner first. Then come college, I learned using liquid eyeliner (the pen type). Then after college, tried using gel eyeliner. Indeed there are so many kinds of eyeliner that people use. I think it's best to just explore and test everything to see which one you're most comfortable with.