Summer destination: Gota Village Resort Caramoan (Part 2)

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hey Travel buddies!

Let's continue our tour to Gota Village Resort..

First thing  you will see when you enter the Gota Village is the numerous little houses. This is where the guests stay for an overnight or package tour. There are different types of little houses available to choose from. There are bungalows, 2 storey houses,bigger one for family occupancy, there are for couples and for tourists. This is the biggest renovation in the Gota Beach because of this lovely little houses Gota Beach is now called "Gota Village Beach Resort". The tourists demand is really high to build a lot of houses like this. It is furnished and ready for occupancy.


Let's go!

You're walking on sunshine! :D Oh Oh!
This way ma'am and sir. You will be guided accordingly where to go. You know! this is not just a 10 little houses but a lot! 
The forward arrow points to the beach area and the other one into the village
You will see this stairs going to the deck where you can view the whole village. The admin little house is also here and the souvenir shop.

Hello deck! You can enjoy the breeze of air and a good view here overlooking the entire village.

From this view you can see a lot of little houses. I just thought what if some people are here for good and that's where they live and create this little village for residences, home by the beach? cool! (just thinking!).  But this houses are for rent for the guests and tourists who want to visit Gota beach.

Let's roam around the village!
Just roaming around the village makes me happy. I can see this beautifully built houses made of woods. It is very refreshing and calming to see and walk around here.

They constructed "sari-sari store" too! but it is not fully functioning yet. I can see if most of the houses were occupied and many tourists were here walking and roaming around the beach and village. This Gota Village Resort will be a super summer destination in Caramoan. All of the essentials are already installed in this village, it just need more people coming!
Fun to think, because there were so many little houses here. They form a blocks too so you can easily find your rented house. You will easily get lost as some houses are very similar to each other. Good thing they have this!

Here we have the chance to see one of the little house. I don't remember what is the category of this house we came in but it has two beds, a television,and an air-conditioned room. Check out the toilet and fab shower too! Whoa!

It's summer, I know! Everyone is excited to the beach. Come on, let's explore the beach!

Way back, as I said on Part 1 this is the Gota beach. Is is just a plain beach where everybody go to especially the "Caramoanon" (people from Caramoan). It is the ultimate beach destination of the locals. As you can see, it is just our ordinary beach. Now, it was privatize and  renovated into a village resort.

It was low tide when this picture was taken. Usually, you will not see the stones there because the water is up to that level. 

A walk in a beach is one of my favorite thing to do. Just walking around the beach area makes me happy already. I am not actually into a swimming thing (once,twice will be fine), I just wanted see everything and explore.

Same exact place where the pictures were taken. I guess the first one was in 2009 and the other was 2013. Good thing in the renovations they did in Gota, they actually didn't make any changes in the beach area and let it be as it was before. They just add some facilities for accommodation and other amenities on beach front but at least good distance from the beach area itself.

Okay, if you're alone in the beach and you see this volleyball net without volleyball. haha (crazy stuff!). I wanted to play beach volleyball but where are the players? Err.

So, on the left side of the beach there is actually a stairs going up to the only cottage up to the mountain. Yes, cool stuff really! I remembered before way back, since there were only few cottages in the beach front, everyone wanted to go first to the cottage up in the mountain. I don't know the real purpose of the one who made it but it was there long time ago since I was a child. Once you are on top, you will experience and see the whole view of the entire beach. Maybe those who only doesn't want to be there are the ones who are lazy enough to climb maybe 30-50 steps approx. back and forth. 

Inside the cave you saw in the picture above. It is just like that inside, a shallow cave. Nothing else inside. Maybe those who want to have bonfire inside this mini cave will be fine!
I remembered there was a controversy about the cement-built cottage up in the mountain. It is because some people climb up to the cottage and dive from there and there was an incident that someone dive in and he/she drop to the stone/rock formation down the water ( just like the ones you see in there). When the water goes up, you will not easily see where is the area with stones or where are those without stones. Unfortunately, that man/woman died (that what rumors said) and after that incident there were succeeding accident like that that's why  in some instance it was prohibited to go up there. 

On our last visit, there was now a sign saying "this area is closed". I don't know what are their plans in the cottage up there or if there will be a renovation in the near future. I hope!

The view from above. It was just a view few steps from the stairs.

Oh! so there is another stairs, broken stairs actually. From now on, I still don't know the purpose of these stairs just hanging on the mountain. Obviously, not for diving because the distance is too short. By the way, the stairs that I'm taking about going up to the cottage is far above from this stairs you see in the picture. (Just ignore that forbidden stairs thing that I put into it! haha, excuse my curious,crazy mind)

I'm sure you wouldn't ask me why I love Caramoan because the nature's beauty speaks for itself. Those breathtaking sceneries really relaxed me a lot and gives me a positive vibes in life. I was always like "energized" every time I saw these kind of endless beauty life has to offer. Breathe in, breath out! Yes, I'm alive again. haha!

Till my next adventure!

So, how's Gota? I hope you enjoyed my little tour.
What's next? I am thinking of a little Island hoping on my next blog posts. You like it? Stay Tuned!

*photos are selected randomly from our visits to Gota beach

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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