Watsons Marionnaud Brushes

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Marionnaud Brushes

N'37 Pointed eyeshadow brush (P 59.75)
N'38 Slanted eyeline and eyebrow double side brush (P 89.75)
N'33 Foundation (P 139.75)
N'32 Slanted blusher brush (P 169.75)
Place bought: Watsons

Hey Girl!

Ever since I started to be a make-up enthusiast, I have been eyeing this marionnaud brushes everytime I visit Watsons. I always look out for this brushes and told myself that I should collect some of these brushes. I have been very fascinated by the brushes and brush set I've seen online but before I start to buy those brushes I wanted to collect these Marionnaud brushes to create my own brush set. And I know, they have released the premium marionnaud brushes long before I had my very first marionnaud brushes, but I still wanted to share my experience and love with these lovely brushes of mine. Though not really affordable (as for me), I have discovered that these brushes really works, well-made and of good quality.

I want to share the Marionnaud brushes I have chosen to buy. Based on my experience, these brushes are sturdy made with no fall-outs, synthetic made, strong enough to hold make-up products but still soft and gentle to use on face.

N'37 Pointed eyeshadow brush
- angle to contour, accent and shape

I use this for applying and blending eyeshadow and contouring my nose using bronzing powder. Though I don't wear eyeshadow often, this one is still useful in many other things like contouring. I like how it's well made and just good enough for blending eyeshadow. I've seen a kind of brush like this in other make-up brand almost of the same quality but this one has the lower price. This is just a good buy. 

N'38 Slanted eyeliner and eyebrow double side brush
- helps shape perfect eyebrows

This is double purpose for eyelining the eyes and doing my brows. So, this is the my very first purchased marionnaud brush. I was very fascinated by this brush, like everyone is just using it. It is even always sold out in Watsons when I first tried to find it. This is I may say my favorite brush of them all maybe because it is also the one I always use. It just never fails me to do its job. When I first have this, I am always inspired to learn to do my brows and start eyelining. Oh well, as of now, I am more than good enough as before. (ahem!)

N'33 Foundation
- designed to apply and blend foundation flawlessly to create an ultra-smooth and eve finish.

Perfect for application of liquid make-up. I was actually excited when I purchased this because "others say" it is better to use brush when applying liquid make-up but I say "No, my fingers are still better". I don't know why but for me, my fingers still works best. Though, this brush is really well made, it just doesn't work a lot for me and after using this, I still use my fingers for flawless finish. Also, it retains a lot of product in the brush itself that makes it hard to clean. 

N'32 Slanted blusher brush
- Made in synthetic fibers - smooth to sweep the blusher on the skin with a firm touch

Perfect for blush and bronzer. This is just my recent brush from marionnaud. I am just wasted of using my powder brush on blush too so I decided to buy this and surprisingly, I love it! I gets enough product I needed and its reasonable thickness is just perfect for blush. I also used this on bronzer and it is also works.

I will update you as soon as I got a new Marionnaud brushes, alright?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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  1. ilove Mr. MARIONNAUD...ilove the its hair, so soft and gentle...
    nice review...
    followed you....hope you check mine...


    1. Thanks girl! followed you back already! :D let's keep in touch

  2. I'm also eyeing those brushes! Ugh! Anyway, thanks for the review. You can also visit my blog: http://www.anythinghannaloves.blogspot.com

    1. Hello Hannah! You have to try these brushes. Your Watsons trip will never be complete without having any of these brushes. P.S. I checked your blog too! Keep doing what you love doing. :D Let's check out each other more often. Thank you for visiting!