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Friday, July 25, 2014

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Hey Girl!

It's been so while. I'm so sorry for being so outdated lately. I promised I'll try time management this time. Last May, I posted about "Getting back to my profession" thing and yes, I am on my nursing practice since then up to now, that's why I'm too busy with everything in my practice. I've been also busy reading a lot about nursing that at the end of the day, I am too tired of planning and updating with you guys. But of course, my love for this thing called blogging will not just end that way. 

Since I'm on my nursing profession now, I wanted to incorporate it with what I did here: to beautify. You heard it right girl, especially those girls who is also on my line of profession! As you can see, nurses in terms of look is so simple and neat but I will take that to a higher level ( I mean, just a little higher hehe). Since I started my journey on my nursing career, I seldom see female nurses have something on their face maybe just face powder that makes them more pale and of course a pony tail or a hair on a bun that is typically us, nurses. Now I will try to make 3 looks for every shift that nurses could try on how to look good but still to maintain simplicity and neatness.

Now, let's start!

Here are basically the basics of every looks I made. The Concealing, Mattifying and Blushing part. ( you will understand everything as you go along! :) )

Oha! My flawless finish. No filter! That's why I love make-up.Haha

Okay! Excuse me for this. Blushing and giving some touch on my lips.

First look: Morning shift nurse

As a morning shift nurse, it is really good to start up a day looking good. The thing nurses have to conquer for day shifts is the early morning activities after you wake up. Most of us cram for the day and too sleepy to do something for ourselves because we are running late for work. You should wake up with enough sleep and plan your activities ahead so you have time for everything you have to do before going to work. You should try to shine bright as the morning.

The goal for morning look is to create a look using little time. Have you seen those girls who do their make-up in 5 minutes? That's what we will do! but if you've got a little more time, that will be great! :D

For beginners, this will be a harder but you get used doing it everyday and it will part of your morning routine.

First, conceal all your impurities. It will took a while maybe a minute but if you got little or almost nothing to conceal this is just easy to do.
Next, matte up using your favorite face powder to create flawless canvass.
Then, do your brows! Just create a few stoke to define your eyebrows. You will notice a good difference of doing your brows than never. (Trust me!)
Let's do your eyes. Curl your lashes and give a stoke of your mascara. Nothing compares a bright open eyes in the morning. And if you still have time gave a stoke of eyeliner on your lids. Another option, since not everybody mastered the art of eyelining and other still needs a lot of practice, eyelining the eyes is time consuming for some. So, what you could do is apply little light color eyeshadow on your lids. Just tap apply; a good color would be champagne or light rose. This will pop your eyes without a mess.
Now go on with your cheeks. To make it look natural, apply cheek tint but if you prefer Brush a matte blush or your ordinary blush on your cheeks to make it rosy. This is better than having it pale. Just make sure it will look naturally rosy not too overdone.
Lastly, swipe your a lipstick. Make sure it just makes your lips naturally pink. Do not ever overpower your lips. It will ruin the whole look.

Second Look: Evening shift nurse

In this shift, you could make most out of your look because you've got enough time to create one. Here you can take your time doing everything you want for your look.

First, apply your face sunscreen. It's going to be a hot afternoon going to work so make sure you're protected.
Then, conceal all your impurities and mattify your face using your face powder (preferably with SPF). This is optional, Apply mattifying gel or make-up base because as per my experience make-up tends to wear off during this time of shift  because of the hot sunny weather and bring your blotting paper (oil paper) face tends to become oilier too. (except when it rains or you're in a cold weather country, of course!)
Next, do your brows. Take your time shaping your brows.
Then, do your eyes. Line your eyes using liquid eyeliner because it can't easily wear off compare to pencil eyeliner. After that, curl your eyelashes and put on your waterproof mascara.
Another option, just to glam up your eyes a little more apply champagne color on the edge of your eyes to brighten it more.
Let's go on to your cheeks. Make it naturally rosy. (Follow steps same as the first look on applying blush)
Lastly, swipe your lipstick on. Pick the shade that looks natural on your lips.

Third Look: Night shift nurse

As for me, night shifts look doesn't need to be as glam as the whole day because this is the time where you have to provide adequate rest for your client. No more so much interactions. The goal of your look is to doesn't look so pale as much as possible because the tendency of night shift nurses is to look pale because of lack of sleep.

First, conceal all your impurities and mattify your face using face powder.
Do your brows and curl your eyelashes. 
Then, make your cheeks rosy. This is the most important part.
Last, apply your tinted lip balm.

 That's it! 

Keep it mind to keep it simple and natural. We wanted nurses to look good but remains neat and dignified.

P.S. Wear your smile. It is your best make-up.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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