Dr. S.Wong's Sulfur Soap with moisturizer

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scented Dr. S.Wong's Sulfur Soap with moisturizer
Cost: P 55.00
Net wt: Bar soap 80g and (4.76 oz) 135g
Ingredients: Sulfur 2%
Manufactured by: International Pharmaceuticals Inc
Place bought: Watsons

135g soap

Hey Girl!

It's been on the top of my blog post for the longest time and I am very proud of it because I wanted to spread a word about real good product that works. One person replied to my post that it has now available with moisturizer and I tried to find it for me to try. After my trial for more than two months now, it gives me twice as satisfaction as my first purchased Dr. S.Wong's Sulfur Soap. This one is more improved with a moisturizer which is really a good thing as I mentioned on my first review on this soap, it is kinda drying on the face and now, it is just perfect to use. It is also now scented which smells better than the first one which smells like a medicated soap.

It is now on a white bar soap same as size as the yellow one. It is in a big bar (see the photo above) that doesn't melt a lot just like any other soap. One bar takes a month on me. I used it on early morning after I woke up and just before I go to sleep. I also used it as needed. It is one cost-effective product for acne prone face like me. I never worry too much about acne after using this Dr. S.Wong's Sulfur Soap and now after using the scented one with moisturizer, it is so much better. After continued use, my pimple comes only just once in a blue moon and even when my red days are coming (which I usually got a new one), it doesn't show any which is a great thing I love about this soap. It becomes so 'hiyang' on me that it exceeds so much of my expectations. I planned to keep it as a maintenance as my face wash for now. I tried a lot of acne fighting facial wash before but this soap got the exemplary results on me. I barely use any other acne products on my face but just this soap and it doesn't fail me. Bonus thing, very affordable! And even it will cost a little much higher, I will still buy it because it's worth every penny.

Others made a confession about its effectiveness too. How about you? Have you tried it yet?

P.S.: Another thing, when I got to buy to Watsons Waltermart Sta. Rosa lately, I noticed that the one I got is the last piece in stock and kinda hard to find in the rack. I wonder why? maybe it is sold out! or they've got no stock available.

It comes in 80 g pack too!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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