CATLovers: 10 Life lessons learned from cats

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dearest CATLovers,

Being with cats my entire life gave me an opportunity to get to know and love these cute creatures even more. Least that I know, these cuties I am with ever since makes me realize some things in life. As a cat lover, I don't just interact with cats but also communicate through their language and actions. The cutest simple act of our feline friend will give us life hacks that we never expected. So, I thought of writing some of it. Here are life lessons learned from cats.

And when you do it, do it "Like a Boss!"
1. Rest. We might have thought why cats spend most of their time sleeping but we didn't even bother to ask ourselves why are we not? Yeah, life is so busy that we made so little time to rest like everybody is spontaneous and fast. We should made sure that we have time to rest, just like our cute feline friend loves to do, so that our mind and body will replenish the energy we need for the life's actions.

2. Start from scratch. We've seen them do this maybe on our furniture (if you don't have a scratching post). It is sometimes annoying to some people because it means damage. In life, we all drew our future and started from scratch. What we are today is the sum of all that we started and our own life's scratches.

3. Work hard, play hard. In order to get what you wanted in life, you have to work hard for it. Imagine your feline friend focusing silently towards its prey. If you really want it, you will work hard to get it and the reward is always worth it.

 If you want it, get it. Play time with kitty.

 No, I don't mean "rest in peace". Can you be just quiet? I'm having my siesta.
4.  Live in peace. Minus the hissing and the fight nights (we all have that moments) maybe this applies to many animals, unlike humans, they just do their own thing and let others live peacefully with them. We all have differences but that doesn't mean war for everybody. Let's just all live in peace.

5. Be independent. You may not know it but cats are independent in nature. They usually learn from imitating others. They can survive and live by themselves. This is, I guess, one strong trait that we can learn from cats, to be independent and survive by ourselves.

Enjoy your life, interact with nature, "meow" time.
 Huh? Is that an alien?

6. Stay curious. Cats are known to be curious with every little movements in their surroundings which made them good hunters. Curiosity makes humans discover the unknown. It opens up new possibilities and nurtures our knowledge. Being curious is what keeps us interested.

7. Reach your limits. You could do so much better, just do it. Cats gives us limitless possibilities what they could do. You'll never know until you do it.

8. Have time for yourself. Me time or meow time, eh? You don't want to mess with your kitty, if it is her's, it's her's. It doesn't mean you're selfish, you just gotta have something for yourself. For once, it's all about you.

Yeah, you can do it alone.

Hey, is it working? Is it working?

9. Use your charm. No doubt, cats are very charming creatures. For cat lovers you know what I mean, there's something in your feline friend that you can't resist. They're just the cutest. Well, we gotta need to use some of the charm that we have too. While to others, it comes out naturally and to some, it takes a little push to  come out. To top it all, some are lucky enough to have their charm works every time, just like our cats. Meow!
I can be here, like forever.

10. Be happy on simple things. Keeping things simple is the key. If you can be happy with simple things then, you can be happy with almost everything. Our cats nature are bound with living simply for survival, nothing fancy. Keep your standards on happiness low or simply don't set any. For sure, paper bags and boxes are fine to your feline friend.

And if you still don't understand, this one is for you!

So, that's the list. I hope our journey in getting to know our feline friends continue. There will be a lot more  to discover so we should stay as curious, as charming, as simple and the list goes on..just like our cats.

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee 

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