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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dearest CATLovers,

How's your feline friend doing? Lately, I've been getting minor scratches on my fingers while playing with my cat. I know it's not good but I don't want to compromise our playtime. They're at their cutest when playing, agree? So, I thought of a solution that will make our playtime easier, more fun and most importantly, no injuries. I've seen cat wands on the internet many times but I couldn't find a pet store selling one instead I only see cute mice toys which wouldn't guarantee me of not having scratches after pulling it back and forth in front of my cats. That's why, I decided to make a DIY: cat wands. 

We knew that cats are not really hard to please, more often, they are amaze on any moving objects in front of them. I guess, we don't really need to take out some cash to make cat toys. You just need to find resources available at the comfort of your home and let your creativity flowing.

What you need:

Sliders - It actually comes from my folder sliders on my old files. This will be our base wand. You can also use anything available at your home like metal sticks or pieces of wood as long as it will make a good wand.

Yarns - This will be use as a tie. You can use elastics or anything that will make a good tie. 

Cat toys - I will use feathers and mini stuff toys. These mini stuff toys are the ones they're always playing so I knew that they liked it. Also, I will try to use feathers I've seen it in some cat wands tutorials and I knew it will be effective as well.

While doing this project, I have a visitor coming. Look how Miguel (my cat) likes the feather and he recognized their mini stuff toys too. He's too excited to play so, let's get this project started.

First, get the base wand (in my case, the slider). I rolled up the yarn around it just to make it look appealing (well, cat won't care). I keep the other sliders remain the same. It doesn't look bad after all. If you got a piece of wood, you can beautify it first. Style it as you want.

Next, let's prepare the cat toys. Get the feathers and tie it tightly with each other. Make two tie. I preferred tying same color of feathers. 

Now, get the yarn and make two strands long enough to hang it. Twist the two strands of yarn together to make it more sturdy. If you will not be using a yarn, you can skip this step. Make sure it is sturdy enough for cat fighting (you know what I mean). The yarn looks weak but it does well and I tried it. But if in case you broke yours after playing hard with your cats, replacing it will be easier or better find some other resources you have at your home.

For the mini stuff toys just hang in tightly on the head or if it has a hook where you could tie it, that is much better. Then, secure it on your wand. Do the same on your other cat toy.

That's it! You can add a little more spice on your wand. For me, I just want to keep it simple because my cats are now waiting. LOL. By the way, here are my cat wands. Yey! If you got one too, share with me too.

And the exciting part, how effective is my cat wands? I'm sorry to keep you waiting but I will just update you on my next post. Alright? For now, here they are when they first saw the cat wands. What do you think will happen next? :)  

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee 

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