Fitness Challenge: 30-day abs/flat-belly workout

Hey girl!

Alright! Let's face it. In one point. we all dream of having that beautiful, sexy body. In order to have that in reality, we have to make adjustments in terms of our health and nutrition. Before getting into your FIT-spiration, make sure you are ready to take a leap of being healthy. It is some sort of a lifestyle change and your commitment to it. Unless, you just want to take your chances and put your hardwork into waste. Okay, I'm not getting more into that right now. I am not a fitness expert here, but merely, just a beginner trying to take a leap. Being a petite, it is easier to spot that excess fats because my body physique just don't get along with the extra baggage and I tend to look unproportional. I mean that big thighs in a short legs and belly protruding ahead of your body. I don't intend to offend anyone who also has the same problem, it's just me. 

Fit-spiration is everywhere especially during summer because everybody just want to soak in the water at beach or pool everywhere in their perfectly fit body. I've seen a lot of flat belly and abs workout in social media so I thought of trying to challenge myself to be more fit. I am not physically active but I do accept challenges and take risks, sometimes. I browse a lot of flat belly/ abs workout in social networks and opted to customize my own workout based on my capabilities. Then, I came up with this 30-day flat belly/abs workout challenge for myself.

It shows the ideal calendar workout routines but of course, you can adjust it on your own schedule depending on your availability on each day to make sure you have enough rest and time for yourself. I personally picked the routines based on my capabilities which are mostly focused on the abdominal part.
Here are the proper techniques of each routine.

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Crunches. This is the most basic routine that I find easy even when I started browsing for routine workout. Well, it actually is! and you get use to it as the number of crunches gets higher.

Oblique crunches and flutter kicks. Basically, another popular workout routine for flat belly/abs is sit-ups but since, I can't do sit-ups (sadly), I tried to find 2 more workout routines to compensate for the supposed to be sit-ups and found these two.

Leg raises. It sounds and seems easy but it's not! I almost gave-up on my first week on my workout routine because of leg raises. The good thing, I felt that I became the most improved after another week. I can't believe it becomes so easy as I go along with my routine.

Russian twists, leg knee pull up and bicycle crunches. I find these routines to be mild to moderately hard so, I picked these up to just add up number of routines for more belly impact on the workout. Nonetheless, I decided to maintain a number of repetitions all throughout the challenge.

Mountain climb. As you can see, most of the routines were lying down and focused mainly on the belly so, I thought of adding a workout that's easy to execute but has a good intensity in the workout as a whole. Again, the execution is easy but the intensity goes up as the number of repetitions goes higher.

Plank. Last but definitely the most difficult for me. Yeah, I really thought this is the most easiest of them all and it turns out to be not. I only reached the 90 secs plank maximum and I just did another repetition for the remaining secs. The intensity of plank routine is high. You can really feel it from abdomen to thighs. Try it out for yourself.

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So, are you up for a challenge? The workout overall will took you from 5mins to 45mins a day. The time consumed goes higher as the repetitions goes higher too. This workout can definitely be done at home. 

I've tried and tested this whole workout challenge and after a month, I did lose an inch on my belly. I also cut down my rice consumption into half. At first, I was a little disappointed because I thought after this 30-day challenge, I could achieve that abs instantly but, it is not that easy. I believe to fully achieve that oozing abs, it needs more constant workout and choosing the right food. As of now, I am satisfied with what I have achieved and continued a workout routine. I maintained the Day 15 workout as my daily flat belly routine and opt to choose the right food as much as possible. Hopefully in time, I could achieved that abs I wanted. Overall, I learned that getting fit is not just a one-time challenge. It takes hand in hand with being healthy too. It is a lifetime challenge. One challenge at a time. 

How about you? Do you have what it takes to be fit? Challenge yourself.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 


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  8. Glad I stumbled upon this post. I would also like to pose a challenge for myself especially that it is summer. It is also more challenging if in your 30s hehe. Will try this suggestion of yours in the comforts of my home.

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  11. I personally picked the routines based on my capabilities which are mostly focused on the abdominal part.Male Fitness


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