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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hey girl!

I am not a pro when it comes to make-up but my love to beauty turns me from a rookie to an enthusiast. I know that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to make-up beyond what I read on beauty blogs/websites and what I watched on YouTube. I am more than willing to learn not only for aesthetic purposes but also to hone my skills and knowledge. Being a beauty enthusiast, it gives me to a lot of improvement in doing my own make-up and learning the basic skills and tools.

2 years ago, I don't even know how to properly use foundation rather, I am only stuck up on my baby powder almost my entire teenage years. Well, I don't expect all teenage girls to be using make-up but at least they know how to properly groom themselves using some beauty products. I lack on that department, by the way. That's why I am marked as a simple girl as always because I could walk with just my baby powder on besides my skin imperfections. I can't say that I totally don't dare putting make-up but those times (if I could just turn back time) where major failures. If I knew it was, at that time, I will correct them immediately. If you are into make-up or there is a need for you to apply make-up for some instances at work/school, then, find time to read and increase your basic knowledge on how to properly apply it. It doesn't have to be perfect, unless, you are mastering as a make-up artist, just to be sure and to avoid common errors that you might not know you are doing. Here are some make-up flop. In case you are not aware, just help yourself out. Oh! Didn't I say I also included some quotable quotes to mingle your mind? Enjoy.

1. Foundation that doesn't match skintone. It is the most common mistake of them all. I am guilty of this. There are some cases you look and feel pretty on your little compact mirror using a foundation way lighter than your skintone. Then suddenly, looking at the bigger perspective, your face is like a floating cornstarch in full coverage only up to the jaw. Yikes! Two main point for this: First, apply it evenly up to the neck. Second, find the right shade. I, myself, still don't know/ can't find out the 'perfect shade' for me. I am still on my trial and error process of trying out a lot of foundation. If you found your perfect match and happy with it then, good for you and stick with it. Because there are variety of foundations in every make-up line, at least you know how to figure out the shade closest to your skintone. As long as you know the best shade for you and you are applying it properly and evenly, with that in mind, you are on the right track girl. By the way, It happens with baby powder too, because the shade is generic, it still looks too light to some.

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2. Overdone eyebrows (too thick/too thin). We all know that eyebrows changes the overall look. It can instantly make or break your make-up. Although, we have different preferences in doing our eyebrows depending on the mood or look we want to achieve. I don't know why but I feel unsure seeing too thin/too thick eyebrows. I know some people preferred to line their eyebrows thinly (or because some people tend to overpluck) while others too bold. Okey fine. But if you are unsure with what you are doing, check your eyebrows girl. You might be doing it not the way you want it to be. When I start lining my eyebrows, I realized after some time that I am doing it too bold and thick that it literally stand-out from the rest of my face. Oh-ohh! At least, I figured it out. It feels like a major disaster that I thought I already knew how to line my eyebrows and once upon a time, I saw my face with my overdone eyebrows that is too good to be true. *I mean too ugly to take* Argh! If you are still a beginner like me, take time to flick and do your brows  when you are not going out for trial and error. Different eyebrow products needs different technique to use. Master one at a time so you have your go-to eyebrow look and if you already mastered it, then, try out or experiment different style in lining your eyebrows. As Michelle Phan always says "Eyebrows are not twins, they are sisters". They don't have to be identical but they should at least look alike. Alright?

3. Thick eyeliner. It takes practice to do it perfectly. If you don't intend to rock out a thick eyeliner look for the day but turned out to be that thicker than you want it to be because you keep on compensating for uneven line. Then, you need more practice. Keep doing it and once upon a time, you can achieve that perfect eyeliner look that you want. Practice is the key.

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4. Unblended eyeshadow. Alright, let's not argue with this much. Basically, we have to blend eyeshadow with other colors to create a regular eye make-up look. But there you are, keeping it a one shade eyeshadow at a time and leaving it unblended. I know make-up is a work of art and artistry is limitless and you can do and experiment with everything. You see one shade eyeshadow pop out dramatically in a fashion show but you don't do this in a regular basis. BLAH!

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5. Cheeks slap by blush. Argh! Pak! That's why I'm a late blusher. Lol! This is another more common mistake we commit. Yes! 'WE', including me (especially me). I remember one time I tried to put on a cream blush on my face thinking of having a 'rosy cheeks look' turned out to be a major failure. I think I underestimated the blush and put more than I needed thinking of "more blush, much rosy cheeks, much prettier!". Next thing I heard, are you sick? what happened? I want to go to washroom immediately and wash my face. Sad story, girl. Lesson learned: Don't underestimate the power of blush. You might think it is not enough, you needed more and next thing you know you are on one of your most embarrassing moment of your life. Do the right thing. End of the story.

6. Concealer undereye. Concealing undereye opens the sleepy eyes. Yes! I heard about it and become common for sometime especially to those who wants to hide their eyebags. I am not into make-up at that time and I don't know anything about concealer and concealing but I saw girls with white patch undereye which happens to be a concealer. At the back of my mind, is it a trend? oh, they look cool! ok fine. Then, years have pass, I seldom saw people with that white undereye patch trademark, though there is still a few. So, it is a trend. I say. Then, I read on and became a beauty enthusiast, that's that time I realized that it is a make-up error. Oh shoot! It is not supposed to be applied that way. There is a proper application and you should read more about it. Luckily, I don't go with the make-up error trend at that time. I will surely not because I hella care about make-up 'before'. Now, ask yourself. Are you still on the error trend? Read more about it.

7. Sparkly make-up. It's no brainer unless you want to shine like diamonds on a bright shiny day. As much as possible, refrain from using sparkly make-up and save it only for *very special occasions*. You know what I mean. Toinks!

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I'm sure 'some' of you agree with some errors mentioned above and I know there is more to say. It is not about criticizing others with error they commit but are lessons learned from the actual experiences and some people around. It is nice to know and share mistakes that are previously committed to prevent future error but, I totally agree that experiences are the best teacher. Every mistakes is a learning experiences. How about you? What learning experiences have you committed? Share your story.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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