CatLovers: What does it takes to be a Cat Lady?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dearest CATLovers,

The cold weather makes our cutie cats became a furry ball and they're just as adorable as always. Being with cat since forever, I knew that they have a special place in my heart. When you felt like your love for cats exceeds to a special level that mutual understanding took into place and the connection was wired together, you can't deny that you are a cat lover. I am a cat lady and I knew I am. I believe every cat lady has something in common, it is a soft, merciful heart. So, how do you know that you are a cat lady? When you are silly enough to admit that you are. Let's see if we have a common cat lady moments. You knew that you are a cat lady..

1. When you appreciate how cute your cat was. Everyone knew how adorable are cats but you see it in a very special way. Everything about them makes them more cuter than usual.

2. When you and cat time was never boring. There were no dull moments with your favorite creature. Even sleeping was both your hobby.

3. When you're too excited to go home to see your cats.
You thought how hug-gable your cat was and you are just excited to go back home to hug them tightly.

4. When you know how to read your cats body language. You assume that you understand what your cat wants and needs. There is an answer to every "meow".

5. When you talk with your cat in a different "meow" tone.
You know you've done better when you reach the highest pitch possible. Meooooow! and my talkative cats never stop until they heard a reply from me.

6. When you just wanna hug and touch your furry cat everytime. Whenever you see them, you just want to carry and touch them. Even if, they are too annoyed on you.

7. When you look at their every move as photo-worthy. Yeah! Baby kitty, you are cute at any angle. Click! They don't know how cute they are and that what makes them even cuter.

8. When you just can't resist your cats when they are too sweet on you.
Awww! Meow, I want that fish. Meow! (while looking at you) Okay fine, here you go. (even if your mom says don't give it)

9. When watching them sleep is another cute moment. You're so cute! Hmmmmp! Kitty: Okay, I'm sleeping now. Please back off.

10. When you spoil your cat and treat them like a baby. Baby talk!

11. When looking at their big round eyes makes you melt. Hey mommy, look at me. Hmmmp! Wait baby, I  can't. I'm gonna melt now. Haha.

12. When you can't scold your cat even if they did wrong. Oh! You brought that dead rat again. I'm so sorry, mommy! It's okay baby, it's perfectly fine.

13. When you see your cat's curious moments as the cutest. Baby kitty, don't worry too much. You're giving me a cuteness overload.

14. When a non-cat lover thinks you are silly. And another self-proclaimed cat lady says she's not as silly as you are. LOL!

Ok fine. Only a cat lady knows. Tell me more about how silly you are with your cats.

Credits to the owner of the photo

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee

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