The Freshness test: Maybelline White Superfresh Long lasting UV Cake powder Review

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Maybelline White Superfresh Long lasting UV Cake powder SPF 34 PA+++
Cost: P 299.00
Shade: 05 Sand Beige (also available in 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey)
Net wt: 9g
Place bought: Watsons

Hey girl!

It's been a long time since I posted a product review because I haven't tried anything new lately. When I first knew about the new Maybelline White Superfresh, I am thrilled to try the product because of its tagline "the no touch-up powder foundation". I am a patronizer of Maybelline powder foundations eversince I've first tried the Clear Smooth All in one foundation in refill pack (yes, in refill pack! because I find their compact too expensive for the first try or maybe I am just too thrifty. Haha!). The matte finish and coverage is exactly what I needed. Despite my love on the product, it also has its downside. It is not that long lasting that's why you need to apply it frequently which will in turn cause into caking of the face. On the other hand, I am so excited that they came up with the better version of their foundation which promises to be long lasting that will make you looking fresh for 12 hours (that's pretty long!). Okay, without further chika let's see and put this product to test.

Packaging. The new Maybelline White Superfresh comes in an elegantly white and clean rectangular packaging in rounded edges made in sturdy plastic material. It reminds me of the packaging of powder foundation of the newest San San HD two-way cake which I also adore. It is lightweight and handy. Although it looks a little wider than the usual rounded compact, the size is just enough to fit in your "kikay kit". Good thing about the extra length, the rectangular shape gives a wide mirror which I absolutely love. I think wide mirror can give me a better view of my face rather than the classic rounded compact. Just my thoughts! Upon opening, you will see two partitions, one for the powder foundation and another for the sponge which is sturdy enough for even application .

The Ingredients
Affordability. I still find the compact expensive at 299 pesos but still, I am happy that Maybelline always comes with refill packs. You can easily change the pan of your powder foundation with a refill pack. Just push it girl!

Shade. It is available in 4 shades: 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey and 05 Sand Beige. The one that I got is Sand Beige which is the darkest shade of them all as per the saleslady. After seeing the shade meter, I thought that Sand Beige is just a little darker version of the Nude Beige. I actually haven't tried the Nude Beige but I'm sure that it is way lighter than my skintone while the shade Natural as far as I remember, is also a little bit lighter on me and the shade Honey is what I've been using lately though, it looks fine on me because of its yellow undertone, it still doesn't perfectly match my skintone that's why I opted to try a new shade which is Sand Beige. The shade is not too dark than what I expected that makes it still a little lighter on me just like the Natural shade. So, I decided to buy the Honey shade again on my next purchase.

Coverage. As usual, the matte finish and coverage is the best thing about Maybelline powder foundations. It doesn't fail to give me that fresh looking face. It has medium coverage that's enough to cover small blemishes and redness on my face.

Lasting effects. Now, let's put it into the freshness test.

No Make-up: Excuse my bare face.
Let's start: You see how it covers my blemishes. It instantly gave me that matte and fresh look. By the way, I  haven't put anything on my face at that time except the Maybelline White Superfresh. No filter, no flash and in natural lightning.
After 1 hour: No doubt, I am still as fresh as the first photo. Great!
After 3 hours: As you can see, some blemishes are starting to appear.
After 5 hours: I am beginning to become oily! It is the time when I usually blot. More blemishes and lines are appearing. I don't feel fresh already. I preferred to touch up during this time. (but not today, because we are putting this into test!)
After 7 hours: It may look fresher than the last photo only because it was taken after I blot. During this time, I felt like I'm back on my bare face already. Most of the powder foundation are now had gone away. Definitely not fresh!

I had to stop after 7 hours because waiting for the next hours will just give me the same "not fresh" results.


Although, it failed to work on 12 hours freshness test which I don't mind because it's a long time for me to still wear foundation. I am very glad that it gives me a better experience and results than their previous powder foundation. I believe that a good foundation doesn't just work, it should also lasts. It may not be a "no touch up" for me but at least, it gives me a lesser touch ups in a long enough amount of time and it is also worth to say that because of a better formula, it doesn't cake on the face and before I forgot, great thing it has SPF 34 PA+++. I am still a lover of Maybelline.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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