Unboxing my first BDJ box: I am officially a Bella!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hey girl!

Hooray for my first BDJ box! Just like any firsts, I can't contain my excitement and happiness after I bought my first box. After two months of waiting after the purchase, finally! I have my BDJ box. Can I now call myself a Bella? Haha. Yes girl, I am officially a Bella (And I am now thinking of the Pitch Perfect Bellas). LOL. Besides my excitement for the past two months after my purchase was confirmed that I was in the slot of July box, this week excites me even more because of their sort of a hint of the coming July box with the photo in their FB post like it's pouring make-up. I have a lot in my mind but I don't want to spoil my excitement with too much expectations because whatever is in my July BDJ box, I will be grateful. And I know, as far as I've seen their previous boxes, it is always something new and full of surprise. 

So I came home late afternoon of Friday (July 24, 2015), I was so tired from work and then, I saw the Xend delivery package (when I always saw the blue plastic from Xend, it instantly brings me joy because it means I got a package! woot, woot!) on the top of the table in the living room. I said, I knew it! It's my BDJ box. They shipped earlier than I expected because, based on what I have read on other Bellas comments, some boxes came on the last days of the month. After seeing the  package, I was thinking to open my Facebook and go to the BDJ page because I know that there will be somebody who also have received the box and posted the products inside. I actually still don't want to open it until my planned unboxing but because my excitement can't really wait, I decided to take a sneak peak of what's inside the box. I also thought it will be a greater first unboxing experience if I will not check on BDJ FB page to see other Bellas product photos and I will just unbox it myself to see my box of surprise. 

Finally, I unwrapped the box in the delivery plastic. This time I saw the BDJ box logo and the little distorted BDJ box (maybe because it was sandwiched by other packages from the courier). By the way, back to the story, after seeing the logo I told myself again, "finally, I have my BDJ box!". So, I go on with the unboxing, finding it out how to open the box. So, it was unboxed. Just like what I saw in many unboxing videos, the products are wrapped in another plastic with another BDJ box logo in it. Okay, Okay, uncover the plastic and poof! all the products was revealed. Yay! My eyes are full of hearts. Next thing is, I picked up  and read the little catalog where I knew all the products inside was listed (as per seeing other unboxing Bellas). So, I got this and I got that! It was overwhelming for a first timer like me.

Their theme for this month is Prepped and Polished which was very intriguing because of the photo of "pouring beauty products". It is indeed full of products that will uncover the real beauty in you. Simply you.

So, what do I got? Here are the list of all the products inside.

Now, let's look at all the products inside the box closely.

It's the Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner both in 180ml bottle. I heard about this last month where the Bellas are guessing what the June BDJ box would be. And at last, it is indeed the Dove Oxygen arrived for the July BDJ box. It is the newest variant from Dove Hair. Latest product? Check! That's why I love BDJ box because it gives you an update on the latest products in the market. 

Next is, the 3 boxes of 28 g Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar in a professional sample size (that's what the box says!). The bath experience is complete with these cleansing bars together with the Dove shampoo and conditioner. Truly, it will keep me moisturized from head to toe. It is actually a good product especially for those with sensitive skin but it is quite expensive so good thing, I am able to indulge myself with the 3 bars I have.

Then, my pleasure! it is the make-up products. These are products that I am really looking forward in a subscription box.

First, Benefit They're Real Mascara in 8.5 ml sample size. Oh girl, even if I still have my mascara on. I can't wait to try this one. Let me see what this product can do to my beautiful eyes. I can confidently say that I already have a good set of eyes and lashes, but I am still into products that makes my assets supreme. Oh well! 

Second, Carmex Tube Lip Balm and Carmex Click Stick Lip Balm. I actually haven't heard of the brand but I will researched more about it. It is a great surprise that the box has a balm. You know the feeling of the "things that you didn't really expect are the things that you actually needed". Even if I am not familiar of the brand, I think I became my instant favorite. I really have dry lips and I hope this 2 balms put my crack lips to an end. I'm very excited to try these.

Third, FS Luscious Lipstick in Creamy Spice. I still have a lot of lipsticks on the rack but who will complain in having new lipstick? I'll eat them one by one.

From head to fingertips, this July BDJ box has an offer. Another product is Canmake Nail Polish. I got the mint green color which I like. You know my nail story and maybe I will use it on my next mani. When will that be? When tomorrow comes! Haha. (If you dont get it, just don't mind me. I'm a little weird like that)

 Next on line is the Celeteque Cleansing Oil in 50ml. I am familiar with this product and I have tried it before in a sample size bottle. Now, I got the full size and I don't have to worry if I run out of the product again. I used it in removing my make-up.

 Last but definitely not the least, it is the V10 Plus Serum. Oh yeah! An expensive skincare product. I wouldn't complain even if you give me all the sample size of an expensive skin care product. It is worth that I had a chance to try it. It says that this V 10 plus serum is an award winning serum from Japan. Woah! I got 2 out of the 10 variants. The blue is the Hyaluronic acid serum which is the best selling serum that deeply moisturizes the skin and the pink is the Vitamin A serum which is for skin's rejuvenation.

All that at 580 pesos only. Sorry for the very long story. My story gets longer when I am too excited. My mind just burst out of excitement. It is my first. Kindly give it to me, Bellas! An overall experience is still unexplainable by words. The surprise that you get to subscription boxes is just cloud nine. I will not compute everything just like many Bellas do. I am rest assured that I've got more than what I paid for. It is completely worth it. I am really looking forward for my next BDJ box. They are now offering BDJ Elite boxes and I hope I still save a slot for another box before the year ends. I also hope they close the subscription for a while so I can save up for my next box. They are currently on the October to December Elite boxes and the subscriptions are running out faster. Oh please!

Before I forgot, the box includes this voucher from Benefit. I hope I am able to use this.

Mantra for July BDJ box: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. I think I said it before. Beauty is freedom. Do it for yourself.

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Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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