The importance of domain name: Custom domain vs Subdomain

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hey girl!

Have you heard of a custom domain and subdomain? If yes, you are on the right path in this huge world wide web. If not, I'll explain to you further. Subdomain is the one that we use once we create an account using a free hosting site like Blogspot and Wordpress. The subdomain looks like or while, custom domain is your self-hosted site where you need to purchase your own domain name. The custom domain looks like or .net, .info, and a lot more choices depending on what suits your site. Now that your mind was enlightened on the difference between the two. I will ask you now, what sounds better to you, is it or I can tell what's in your mind right now. Now, let's discuss further on the disadvantages and advantages of the having a subdomain and a custom domain.

In terms of advantages and disadvantages. Custom domain and subdomain is directly reciprocal with each other. Custom domain has more advantages while subdomain has more disadvantages than its advantages. That makes having a custom domain so much better. Even if having free subdomain doesn't cost you any plus, it is easy to register and create an account to any free hosting site, it doesn't give you the full authority over your site. You are bound in the terms and policies of the hosting site you are in and they can deactivate you anytime. But of course, they will not delete your beloved blog for no reason. You might have done something that is against their policies and you should be aware of that when using a free hosting site. As a beginner blogger, you might not have realized the importance of having a custom domain because you can also enjoy tons of widgets, themes and customization in your subdomain just like Blogspot. Well, I'm not sure with  Wordpress but I read that it works better with custom domain because using their subdomain limits you to many possibilities you want for your site unlike Blogspot. But you can't be in the shadows of your subdomain forever if you want to take your blogging to a professional level and create an established site, you should get a custom domain.

Looking good! Yeah, I got mine. How about you?

What are the other reasons why you have to get a custom domain?

More than the nice and short sounding site you'll get with having a custom domain, you will also get a boost of reputation on your site. It gives you a sense of professionalism. It also makes you more credible in what you do. It is creating your own brand and making it officially yours. It will give you full authority on your site and create your own unique world.

Getting a custom domain is not that expensive. It will not hurt much of your pocket as it ranges from 500-1500 pesos/year (Philippine currency). It is a good investment if you are on a venture towards building a good site. It can be a reflection on what you want and your future desires for your blog/site.

One of the advantages as far as I have researched is a good exposure to search engines that makes you visible out of so many blogs and websites out there. That gives your site to more traffic and thus, brands and other sites will be interested in working with you and limitless opportunities that comes along.

As much as possible, it is ideal to get a custom domain name before you can create a well-established blog/website because in the long run, it is how the readers will remember your site and some page rank issues (that I can't explain further). Also, if you can't claim your wished custom domain name as early as possible someone might have purchased it already. Hundreds of thousands were claiming domain each day and your wished domain name might not be available anytime.

There are tons of reasons out there that can be searched of why you have to purchase a custom domain name for your site. Some of them are technical for me to explain. I have switched to my own custom domain now and I am very happy with it. Most of the people opt to getting their custom domain name but the main problem is choosing the right domain name for their blog/site. I have written "What to consider in getting a blog's name" might help you. Make sure you choose wisely on the custom domain that will represent your site and if you make up your mind, purchase your custom domain as soon as you can. Alright?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. If you seriously want to make your brand or service make a mark online, a .com is better than a sub domain. It builds your brand's credibility. There are a few great websites under the sub domain choice but there is more freedom when you have your own domain to reign.

  2. I actually have two domains. You are exactly right it is important and I did it because I wanted no one to be able to use it. It only costs 12 dollars a year here with google. I do wish I had thought more on the second name.

  3. I had a subdomain an year back and used to get a decent volume of traffic. But, ever since, I got my own domain, there has been a dip in traffic but I don't mind actually because now I have my own property which will take some time to build its reputation. Thanks baby for posting this information.

  4. For a long time, I was using subdomain for my blogs. Good thing, I was finally able to decide on the name that I want for my own domain. I now have 2: and My husband helped me bring my ideas to life for these websites. I'm happy that my websites are slowly takign ont he form and function that I want them to have. :)

  5. Just got my own domain and i am enjoying its benefits, adding to that of course, is the sense of sharing your blog name with others. I am yet to get a hosting site.

  6. Wow! I kinda wish I read this when I first started blogging; it would have made everything so much more clearer!

    I always thought getting my own domain would cost an arm and a leg but it's surprisingly affordable! Keep up the great posts!

  7. I don't think that anyone thinking of getting a website should even consider a subdomain. It's a nightmare to change on your own domain once you grow and it also doesn't look professional.

  8. The price of getting domain names is cheap. There really is no reason why one should not have a custom domain name (.com for example).

  9. I honestly think domains are must haves. Especially for bloggers. It shows you're serious about your trade. And you value your own space

  10. I definitely agree on getting a custom domain since it is something you definitely own apart from the other advantages it provides. For newbies, this wouldn't be that difficult though as getting one won't cost them that much.

  11. Nice article! I had a subdomain for about 4 months before switching to a self hosting one. It's so much better! :)