CatLovers: The sleeping hero

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dearest CATLovers,

Can you feel the breezy wind of "ber months"? It is getting there. Yes, it is September already. OMG! Really? No wonder years just passed by just like that. How are your feline friends doing besides sleeping? These days sleeping has now become both our hobby. After working on a night shift, all you want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep. Arrr, I know right! I think I am not being productive here but atleast, I gain my night differential. LOL! Good thing, I have my cutest sleeping buddies. You know, they are the best sleeping buddy at daylight because they are most active at night. It is not a secret that our kitty cats loves sleeping so much. Based on research, our beloved buddy sleeps on an average of 12-16 hours a day or more. Not so surprising. Now, let's see how the power catnap added to their cuteness overload.

Sleep like a boss. Sleep like there's no tomorrow. The only thing they care is they're having their siesta. We usually see Mr. Kit/ Ms. Kat on their sleeping time but rarely on these super chilled positions. And when they do, you don't want to miss it. Don't you?


Sleep there and everywhere. #YOLO! Do it while you can. When you can't find Mr Kit/Ms. Kat on their usual sleeping spots don't worry, they might have found somewhere that is more comfortable than the usual. Don't find them. They are can be anywhere. They will just come out on eating time, anyway.

Sleep alone. It's never a problem for them to be alone. They can survive in many settings individually. They usually don't flock (unless it's a cold night) and live by themselves. Sleeping  alone = no problem.

I had a dream.

 Oh I'm superman. I'm flying!

Sleep comfortably with loved ones. This is what I'm talking about. They might "rawr" more often but Mr. Kit/ Ms. Kat has a soft side. They are the sweetest too. Although they live independently, they also value their family and loved ones. The ones they feel most comfortable to sleep with.

 Soooooo sweet. <3

Sleep in duo. While they seem the sweetest with their loved ones, they can have their sleep buddy with benefits. As long as they sleep together, there will be no problem. Not after, they've awaken. Haha! Everyone's cool with that? Yeah!

What the other cat could do, the other one could also do. Twinning!

 Sleep like a balls.

 They used to be FRIEN-enemies. Not when it's cold outside. Okay, they are literally just sleeping with benefits.

The three CATseteers. Sleeping in unison is great. Sleeping in duo is better. Sleeping in trio is okay. There will always be the outcast in a group of 3. But hey, they are sleeping and that's what is important. No one really cares.

You knew Mr. Kit was the outcast in the group when..

And last but not the least,

 The sleeping buddy. You knew your relationship with your cat gets stronger when they can comfortably sleep with you. All day and all night long. They sleep, when you sleep. They are awake after you're awaken then, sleep they after. They are the best sleeping buddy. They can sleep anytime, anywhere. They will always need a space in your bed or else, they will sleep in you! (and you don't want that to happen)

Our sleeping hero is always on the go with our dreams. You know where they get their energy from all the meow-ing and the running around. No eyebags, no hangover. Sleep until you can. Zzzzz!

* Mr. Kit - male cat
* Ms. Kat - female cat

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee

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  1. Such cuties! I could never sleep with cats, they would paw me on the face. jajaja I never liked that too much. Your cats are quite adorable though.

  2. I don't own a pet but I will preferably go for a cat as I like how timid they could be. And it feels goods staring at them while sleeping. :)

  3. I envy those cats! I would love to take catnaps too or to sleep like there's no tomorrow! Been sleep-deprived for so long since I became a mom! I hope to sleep for 8 hours (straight) at least again when my kids are older!

  4. I find them adorable as they can fall asleep anywhere. Anyway, I never had a cat as pet. Do they allow petting when they're not asleep? How I wish I get loads of sleep like them too. -Me-An of

  5. I have 2 of my own that live very far away from me unfortunately. I moved countries and I can't afford to bring them with me as the prices are ridiculous. Mine sleep the whole day too, and play by night. :)

  6. Oh you have cute cats. I have one before and he is so cute and sweet as well

  7. I really admire pet owners who have so much passion towards taking care of their pets. I love cats it's just that cats seem to don't like me. lol but nevertheless, they are still awesome and furrrr-bulous!

  8. This is exactly what I look like on my no work days! haha! Your cats are so cute and adorable though I'm more of a dog person hihi.

  9. Ahh. I love cats. A friend once commented why women love cats when they have all the qualities they hate in men: they are cold, independent and come and go as they please.

  10. These are so adorable. My baby dog sleeps like she is the Queen of the World. You definitely don't wanna miss it. You did a fantastic job capturing these moments. Keep these cuties coming !!!

  11. Such a cutie!! Actually I'm a cat lover. I have 5 cats and 5 kittens right now hihi.