Blog 101: 5 Essentials to a better blogging

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Hey girl!

What is the best way to start a blog is to do it right. As a blogger in the making, you have to be ready on the demands it requires you to fully make it to the blogosphere. Whether you will do it as a hobby or on full time, there are essentials to a better blogging. In this way, you can fully utilize your blog in imparting every articles you've written to your reader and making every visit to your blog an enjoyable and informative one.

Website and Layout. Decide where to host your site, you have options like Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc. You can also self-host your site by getting a domain name. If you are unsure of what I am talking about, check out: The importance of domain name: Custom domain vs Subdomain. I have written it all there. Then, make sure to think of a name that best represent your overall blog theme. It is never easy, I know. Here are some guidelines in deciding for your blog's name. Read more about it at Blogger Guide: Getting a blog's name. Next thing to do is creating a layout that suits your blog. Great layout creates a big impact on your first time visitor. It only takes less than a minute to impress your prospect reader so make it a pleasing experience for them. If they like it, they'll surely come back again.

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Write. Your every blog post is what makes the foundation to your blog. The quality of every post is important to build a great blog. Quantity and quality posts combined is the golden key to make a successful blog. It is no secret that if you want to start a blog, you have to be passionate in sharing your thoughts through writing. So, write quality posts, publish, share and repeat. That's it!
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Responsive and Interactive site. It'll be better experience for your readers if your site is responsive to every platform whether on desktop, laptop, tablet or cellular phone. The more reachable and readable your blog is, the better reader experience. Lastly, make it an interactive site where the readers enjoys some options on your blog categories. The reader wants to explore more on your site, just make sure the links on your blog isn't misleading because it might make or break your site.
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Time. It doesn't just take a minute to create a quality blog posts that's why if you want to blog on a regular basis, you have to make sure you have time for it.  It is not as easy as you think to be a blogger but if you have enough passion and enthusiasm of what you are doing, it will be easier. But again, it is not an easy job.
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3 C's (Creativity, Computer, Camera). These are the 3 C's every blogger have. The blogger is the creator of every content of their blog. All the creative juices from the blogger is extracted to make a unique posts. Every post should be your own. You can be inspired by other bloggers but you should never copy their content. The last two are the basic tools every blogger should have: computer and camera. These combo creates the magic of blogging. Just click, click!
Blogging gives you an opportunity to speak up your thoughts through writing. It should benefit both the reader and the creator itself. Use it positively to keep the information flowing. If you are a blogger, make sure you put your every well-written posts in a well-built platform so it will not be put into waste. While if you are an aspiring blogger, do it one at a time until you make it. Again, it is never easy. Inspire and be inspired. Gather a lot of passion on your interests. Make the most of blogging and do it right and well.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

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