Ada's Bridal: What type of bride are you?

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hey girl!

Just like the midyear happiness of getting married as June's bride. Here we go again for the last hooray of being the blooming December's bride. By this time of the year, we are celebrating nothing but joy and happiness that's why many couples chooses to tie the knot on the last month of the year and start a brand new year together as one. In fact, some famous local celeb like the royale couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes (DongYan) , JC Intal and Bianca Gonzalez, Chito Miranda and Neri Naig made a year-ender happily ever after. Aside from the star-studded wedding ceremony, these 3 stunning ladies made their mark in making their dream wedding possible.

Look at these lovely ladies in their wedding gowns:

 Marian Rivera in her church wedding. She is the definitely the queen.
Photo courtesy of NicePrintPhoto

 Bianca Gonzalez in her beach wedding. Bianca looking fab and chic.
Photo courtesy of: BrideandBreakfast and LoveMyWeddings

Neri Naig in her garden wedding. Neri is charming as ever on her wedding day.
Photo courtesy of: NicePrintPhoto

You must already have an idea on your mind what kind of wedding you would want and let me give you more choices on these beautiful cheap wedding dresses from Ada's Bridal and tell me what's your gown on your wedding day? Let's browse!

The gorgeous sophisticated bride

You loved the classic wedding dresses and you wanted that every embedded details are polished with elegance. Just like Marian Rivera, you are definitely the queen.

Charming Tulle Bateau Neckline A-line Wedding Dress With Lace Applique
Elegant Tulle Off-the-shoulder Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress

The attractive sexy bride

You embraced the beauty of  being a woman and you are not afraid to show it, not on your wedding day. You can pull off almost every wedding dress. Nothing is more attractive than you are, not even your dress.

Elegant Tulle Queen Anne Neckline Natural Waistline A-line Wedding Dress

Stunning Chiffon Jewel Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dresses With Beaded Venice Lace Appliques

Stunning Tulle Sweetheart Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress With Beaded Lace Applique

The alluring stylish bride

You definitely knew the style you wanted. Every details and unique pieces are pictured on your mind. You are experimental and take risks on finding the perfect fit for you. 

Up: Elegant Chiffon Bateau Neckline A-line Wedding Dresses| Middle: Elegant Tulle & Chiffon Jewel Neckline A-line Wedding Dresses| Down: Elegant Chiffon Spaghetti Straps Neckline A-line Wedding Dresses With Rhinestones

Up: Elegant Chiffon Bateau Neckline Sheath Wedding Dress With Beaded Lace Appliques| Middle: Elegant Chiffon Jewel Neckline A-line Wedding Dresses| Down: Stunning Chiffon Sheath Halter Neckline Beaded Appliques Slit Wedding Dress

Laces, tulle, satin, long-sleeved, ankle-length, mermaid, name it and you get it. You mostly love designs that suits your personality and customized it according to your wants.

The majestic glamorous bride

You dreamed of  your wedding day since you started to believe in fairytales. You are a princess at heart and you wanted all the enchantment on your wedding gown. You wanted to make your imagination into reality. Rest assured, your prince charming will come.

I am a princess! This is definitely me on my wedding day.

The charming sweetheart bride

You are into comfortable and simple designs. You love unique accent pieces and style. Something that you can wear comfortably all day on your special day.  You want your wedding gown to be simply beautiful where your charm and sweetness will definitely stand out. 

Up: Amazing Tulle A-line V-neck Neckline Natural Waistline Wedding| Down: Charming Tulle Sweetheart Neckline Ball Gown Wedding Dress With Beaded Lace Appliques

Hail to these flattering A-line wedding dresses. Choose your neckline: scoop, bateau or v-neck.

Left: Elegant Lace & Tulle Scoop Neckline A-line Wedding Dresses| Middle: Elegant Tulle Bateau Neckline Lace Appliques A-line Wedding Dresses| Right: Elegant Tulle V-neck Neckline A-line Wedding Dresses

These chiffon one shoulder and v-neck neckline dresses are flowy and lightweight. The sewn sequins and laces makes it adorably beautiful.

The lovely romantic bride

You are the one. Your personality just like your choices of wedding dresses stood out the crowd. You have the most sensible taste on wedding gowns. The romantic vibe overflows that is just perfect for weddings.

So, what are your choices? Where are your top picks came from? Last question, what type of bride are you? Tell me more about it. <3 <3 <3

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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