Belo Intensive Whitening Bar: Kojic acid + Tranexamic acid with exfoliating lemon scrubs

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Belo Intensive Whitening Bar with Exfoliating Lemon Scrubs
Cost:  64.75 pesos
Net wt: 65 g
Active Ingredients:
 Kojic Acid is an organic compound that effectively inhibits the production of tyrosinase and melanin giving skin a visibly lighter appearance.
Tranexamic Acid, on the other hand, is a peptide proven to inhibit inflammation and melanin formation. It is ideal for stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other skin lightening ingredients.
Lemon Scrubs, an all-natural exfoliant, help to remove dead and rough skin, allowing the whitening actives to work better and penetrate deeper.
(source: Sample Room blog)
Available at: Available in all leading supermarkets, department stores, groceries, and drugstores nationwide.

Hey girl!

It may look like a papaya soap at a first glance but this one isn't. One thing is for sure that is the same with papaya soap is that it whitens, or should I say this soap intensively whitens. The popular skin authority, Belo, again comes with another formula that helps Filipinas achieve their fairer and beautiful skin.  The combination of Kojic acid and Tranexamic acid efficiently whitens the skin. It is clinically tested that it is 64% better than products that contain Kojic Acid alone. Let's see.

The soap bar is thinner than the usual beauty soap that we have on the market. It is travel-friendly and can easily be carried on. On the other hand, I thought this soap melts a lot that it will only lasts up to a week or at least 10 days or less which is not that cost-effective for me. Good thing, I can see a minimal difference on lightening but since I didn't continue using the soap after at least the second bar I wouldn't see much more difference. However, I like their lotion which will be reviewed on the following days. I actually didn't like or hate the scent of the soap, it's just in between (I can't explain further. Haha!). I am not really into whitening soaps because I preferred a lot of scented body soaps and shower conditioner but the exfoliating scrubs of this soap is just worth mentioning because it gently exfoliates dead skin cells. I've seen the regular version of this soap without the exfoliating scrubs so I must also say that it is a great addition to the soap.

If you are using a soap with Kojic acid, it is always a dilemma that it stings on the skin but using this soap as per my experience, there's a minimal to no sting at all. Great deal. I believed that this soap really helps whitens the skin but I might indulge myself to my scented beauty soap for the body. I will just let the creams and lotions do the whitening for me.  

Overall experience. If you needed a thorough whitening soap this one can back you up. It is not drying to the skin and almost no sting at all. You might need an extra pesos to purchase for long term use to see the maximum whitening effects but it serves its purpose well. It is very gentle and keeps your skin smooth. All the best to Belo for always improving their product for us in achieving our "fairest of them all" dream.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

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Princess Mikee

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