Revamped: Sample Room VIP Membership

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Hey girl!

Almost 2 weeks ago, Sample Room announced that they have restructured the VIP membership to a much cheaper cost from 799.00 to 649.00 pesos to reach more Roomies all over the country. This is a great news for an avid roomie like me. The announcement was just in time because my membership expired 1 week before it was announced. Good thing, I haven't renewed yet by that time. On the date it was made public on their FB page, I was too worried I couldn't secure a spot for a membership because everybody was too excited about this. Another great news for me, more stocks have been added to VIP Membership so before everything else, by this time I am posting this, I have just renewed and secured my VIP membership. 

What's new? 

It is pretty much the same greatness. The exclusive gift was just removed. For a down rate of 150 pesos, you can sample 3 items right a way and that's a much greater deal than a 1 item gift. Anyway, the exclusive gift is almost related to the samples available. 2 points have been added to every sample you get. 1 point for reviewing and another point once it was approved. Unlike before, it was only 1 point.

The whole idea of sampling was really a good deal especially for me who wants to try all things new but can't spend too much to buy all these products. I've said it on my multiple posts about Sample Room.  You don't just double the money you pay for being a VIP member, it is even more. I can't explain any better, so you might want to refer to the photos I grabbed from their site. You can also learn more about it HERE.

Because I finally made my spot, I can finally say "Hurry, be a Sample Room VIP Membership now until stocks last!" I actually would like to tell you my computations of all the products I sampled but I guess, it will take another story for me to tell. One of these days, maybe.

And the perks?

 *this is NOT a sponsored post
 *photos are not mine. 

You can visit them at:

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. Yaay. The VIP membership looks so much fun, there are lot of benefits. I am looking forward to the next post where you write about computation of the products. I am new to this and your posts are really helpful in understanding how sample room works.