Chill under the tree: Fig Tree Cafe and Events Place

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Hey girl!

How are you all doing? It wasn't always that I posted fancy places where I went to but I realized it was time to share these too here on my blog. It was a fine afternoon and the birthday of my quirky friend, Ces. We were thinking of a place to just chill out in a hot afternoon and somewhat celebrate her special day. We decided to stopped by at Fig Tree Café and Events Place at Southwoods Ecocentrum since it was both our first time to visit the place and it was the nearest the place we were currently in.

The ambiance of the place even from the outside was very girly and lively. The theme of the cafe was mostly bright, light colors that was soothing to the eyes. You can easily find peace when you entered the place. We were lucky that  no other people was there when we get there so we had time to take photos around.

There were bible verses and inspiring quotes everywhere to cheer and give encouragement to the customers. It was really nice that they incorporated motivational words and phrases to their cafe. It makes me wanna love it more.

It wasn't took us long before we became comfortable with the place (since, we were both first timers). It also helped that I came with an energetic friend, Ces. Yes, it was her birthday so, no chance to fret but a lot of reasons to be more happier. The place only accommodates 10 tables or less including the tables on the outside that means more intimate place to catch up with a loved one or a friend which I liked.

What makes this place nicer was the very peaceful and calming ambiance whenever you are here. By the way, they played worship songs here too. I don't know if they do it in a regular basis but at the time when we were here, all of the songs played were all Christian songs which I loved.

Vintage and recycled girly pieces are everywhere. Every corner has its own story.

It was easy to love the place because of the fancy decorations on every corner that was photo-worthy. I just loved decorative pieces and they have it all here. It was like a bedroom decorated turned café. It was a good place to have a coffee or snack time. It was the place that we needed at this moment.

Aside from the café, they also have an event's place here where you can organized small gatherings or meetings. Isn't it a good idea to have a meeting in a fancy place outside your stressful workplace? It is. The idea of having an event's place in a café was a great idea. A meeting over coffee  and cake sounds great to me. Or maybe, you want to have a frappe party with your girl besties and organized an intimate party. 

I am inlove with the DIY lamps and these beautifully framed pieces.

Let us jumped in to their menu. They served coffee, cake and snacks. They also have plated meals and breakfast meals on their selections. So basically, they have everything from breakfast, lunch, snacks to dinner or even coffee in between. The price range was from 150-400 pesos (approx $3-$10). They served solo and family meals.

We ordered pasta plate and smokey cheese burger with fries. The serving was for solo. There was nothing so much special with the food and it was almost same as other burgers and pasta that we tried before. Pardon me, I am not good talking about the taste and texture and whatever needs to be said about the food. #notafoodblogger LOL! 

I think there is still a need for improvement in making their menu and meals unique from the others. By the way, our orders were both delicious. A little more creativity in plating and preparing meals will be much appreciated.

I was already fine after I finished my burger and we haven't tried their cakes yet (next on the list on my next visit). These are their looking-delicious cakes on the rack.

The cupcake carousel. Where are the cupcakes? Haha!

I will definitely try one of these cakes. They look promising.

Since it was my friend's birthday (I told that to one of their crew), she was surprised with a birthday song from all of the other staff of the café. Afterwards, she was given with a FREE brownie. I don't know if it was on their menu and we haven't bother to ask the staff too but this brownie was delicious.

Oh, before I forgot. They also have student discount here too. Look at the meals they offer. 

The cafe was usually crowded with customers at late afternoon to night. As I noticed, the cafe was a hit with not only with students and young professionals but also with families.

Overall, the staffs were very pleasant and accommodating. They are attentive to the needs of the customer. The place was cozy to catch up with a friend. The ambiance was great for a relaxing day or even on a "me time". The price range was reasonable enough for me. We will definitely come back for a coffee and cake next time.

Location: Coral Center Southwoods, Binan Laguna
Opens Monday-Saturday
Store Hours: 10 A.M- 10 P.M

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Princess Mikee

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  1. It sure is a well decorated shop and yes, looks designed mostly for girls. LOL. It's creative and personally, I think it works. Looking at the menu, prices are reasonable but of course there is a trade off. The portions are definitely for girls.

  2. omg this is just the cutest place ever! It sucks that the town I live in doesn't have such hidden gems! Maybe i should create some of my own!

    You should keep blogging all the places you go! I love seeing things like this!

  3. This is definitely my kind of place. :) So lovely and cute + the pasta and cupcake looks super yummy.

  4. Pretty little space. It has many fun decor ideas to look at :)

  5. live simply, laugh often, love deeply got me thinking various things great way to mix up things (religion and life situations) and still stay true to its own domain.. a cafe to be modelled for every others...

  6. Pretty place! I'm always game for anew cafe discovery. It's rather out of the way from my place up in Quezon City, though! Still, next time I find myself venturing to the South for a short holiday, it'll be useful to have this as an option. Thanks for sharing!

  7. the place looks really sweet and pretty, and cozy too! well, i feel that in my country, such pretty looking cafes are forever lacking in food quality for the savoury mains. I can't say they serve us bad tasting food, but you can always find better food elsewhere than a cafe. i think you should totally try their cakes on your next visit. they sure look good!

  8. Sorry to hear that the dishes were not creative enough but they do sound delicious! I am sure they will take your notes on board!

  9. Looks great! They have a good eye for detail. I love the abiance. They really put in an effort! The menu looks nice. Nice choices. Love your pictures.

  10. It looks like such a nice place to spend time with friends or family. Also, the food looked delicious!

  11. This is so cute! It's dainty and I love it. I'll visit here someday :)

  12. This is such a cute place! Looks like you had a good time there.

  13. Ohh dear!! I really love the ambiance and the interior design of this Cafe!!! Maybe I should try out visiting this soon! Thank you for sharing

  14. This looks like such a pretty little place! and those cakes just look amazing!

  15. What a cute place! I'm so jealous that I can't visit it. It seems like a great place to sit and read with a cup of tea.

  16. This cafe looks absolutely adorable! I love the light colors and how feminine it is.


    Ivelisse |

  17. The interior done in pastel colours look so pretty and I also like the variety of food they have to offer.

  18. What a cute cafe! If I had a cafe like this nearby me, I'd be there all day! Beautiful pictures!

  19. The decoration is so original, I love it. It's so lovely. The colours and the DIY stuff are all amazing. It even looks delicious homemade according by the pictures. I'd love to bring my girlfriend there some day!

  20. I am a big time diy lover. This place sounds so blissful. Can't wait to visit. How was the smoked cheese. I just love it .

  21. The cafe is sooo cute! I love visiting places like this. It's very relaxing and has good food. Will try this soon.

  22. What a cute cafe! I especially like the bible quotes!

  23. Love it! We should go back here! 💓💓💓

  24. I was wondering if this is the same as the store I saw in Muntinlupa. The ambience is sooo substantially cute and dainty!! I didnt know there's a hang out place like this in Southwoods. Looks like I see more of Instagrammable places this side of town. :)