Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream
Cost: around 1,499 pesos (approx:$ 32.5)
Net wt: 50ml

Hey girl!

Here is the review of the micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream from Olay Regenerist line. It is a luxe make-up primer that promises to instantly blur lines, refines pores and hydrates for a velvety smooth skin and in 4 weeks of use, it will dramatically improves wrinkles and even deep eye lines. My first impression on this product is my high expectation on the instant blurring of pores effect. Since it claims to be on top among its game, I hope the price is worth of the results it will deliver.

 I am not using primer on a daily basis. I also haven't tried variety of brands of the said product. Actually, I rarely use it. Until, I found an inexpensive primer on one of my favorite drug store and I love it. That is the first time I tried a primer. I knew for a fact that primers are a little bit expensive especially those high-end brands that really worked. Upon seeing the packaging of this Olay make-up primer, I was too enthusiastic to try it. Looking at the price at stake, I am just looking forward that it will reach my expectation on expensive primers though I am confident that Olay products really delivers since  I personally tried some of them. The packaging was in a lightweight pump tube looking good on its red and silver shiny metallic color. The squeeze  tube is so easy to use. It is so light that I want to press more product that I needed (lol!).

The smell is mild and tolerable.  The texture has a silicon-y feel. It leaves my skin smooth and soft every time I use it. I am pretty sure that it keeps my skin moisturized but I was not sure if it really blurs fine lines and existing blemishes.  Well, I must say that it minimally relaxes the appearance of my pores and lines but there is no much dramatic effect.  I was expecting more results because it claims to have formulated with advanced micro-fillers that helps smoothens imperfections but it wasn't. I think there is no much difference. Also, I can't say if it really diminishes the appearance of wrinkles since I do not have visible wrinkles yet. But I can just thank this magic bottle later, if it will delay its appearance in the future.

It has a label on some tips and tricks while using the product.

When adding wrinkle relaxing cream to your current regimen, we recommend applying it over a lightweight step.  In the evening, continue using your night moisturizer.

If you see the product is flaking or pilling,
  1. You may have used too much - smooth excess away, and use less product next time.
  2. You may have overworked it - next time, try using a lighter touch.
  3. If product flakes during make-up application, try applying make-up with fingertips instead of using an applicator sponge or brush.

The best way to apply it was with a light touch. I have experienced flaking often times that I didn't know I wasn't doing it right.

As you can see on the photo below, my skin became instant blurry and softens the appearance of skin imperfections.

Overall experience.  Although it reminds me of the inexpensive primer that I have tried before, I don't think it surpasses my expectation on its value. It worked the same as other inexpensive brand. As per experience, there is no special dramatic effects on my skin. It was a good try but I don't think I will repurchase this one.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

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Princess Mikee

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