Intimate meets comfort: Amez Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkin Pads

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Photo by: Amez Care FB page
Hey girl!

Warning: This post is for women only. Have you heard about Amez Bio Herbal sanitary pads? I bet you haven't, especially if you are residing in the Philippines. This sanitary napkin is only readily available in Malaysia but people can also purchase it online on their website. If it wouldn't be expensive to ship these products all the way from Malaysia, I would love to  buy more of these. Amez was generous enough to sent me a set of their sanitary pads including day and night pads and their pantyliners. Unfortunately, the original photos intented for this post was corrupted. Presently, I ran out of stock of the day pads that is why it wasn't included in my recent photos, Gladly, I borrowed some pictures on Amez care FB page.

It's been almost a year since my period doesn't bother me much. I usually have it for only 3 to 5  days maximum. The abdominal cramps are  also  minimal, mostly on my first day. Before, I need to take pain medication to ease the cramps. But now, the pain was much more tolerable than ever before. All that I am concerned was my comfort and confidence during my period. Sanitary napkin play an important role in our red days.  It should lessen the hassle we are already experiencing and promote a more comfortable vibe like it is just an extra ordinary day for us women.

Amez Overnight

Amez Care Bio Herbal functional sanitary napkins are the first feminine pad of its kind. The composition of the product was made with natural extracts unlike traditional feminine products that contain carcinogenic chemicals and numerous allergens. Personally, I haven't seen an organic-based feminine pad available in the Philippine market that is why using Amez was refreshing for me. I am even more impressed that this product doesn't only optimize comfort for menstruating women, but also care for our health by using only safe and organic substances.

Research shows that some chemicals found in a regular sanitary pads cause harmful health effects to women in long term use. Amez pads contains multiple herbs that are specially picked for the optimal protection and overall heath of everyone using it. It claimed to have no potential detrimental chemicals. 

Amez Pantyliner

The herbs it contains and its benefits:

⇝ Aloe Vera. It is known to have antiseptic properties that has ability to cleanse. It is also beneficial to skin because it heals wounds, hydrates the skin and reduces inflammation. It is highly effective in reducing itchiness and irritation during our period.

⇝ Peppermint. It soothes itching and irritation when in contact with the skin. It also acts as an effective antiseptic. Women with cramps, moods swings and headches can benefit with the exposure of peppermint.

⇝ Tea plant extract. It inhibits the formation of blood clots and it also alleviates pain-related illnesses.

⇝ Chamomile oil. It is known to be the “mood-lifter”. Woman who experiences mood fluctuations can benefit from this. It also fights infections and bacteria.

⇝ Lavander. It relieves pain by relaxing tension in the body. 

Upon opening the packaging, the aroma of the herbs contained in the pad was totally relaxing and soothing. I love organic products. The aroma is totally different and incomparable to any artificial scent of the other pads that I've tried before. It provides cooling sensation on the intimate area which I find uncomfortable at first try, but is definitely addicting to use once you are used to it. I remember a local feminine wash with a cooling sensation has almost the same effect. The real deal with this product is that it is all-in-one. It is a pad with an antiseptic properties with the perks of cooling effect.

Amez has a functional chip that not only features herbal extracts, but also breakthrough technology like nano sliver, negative ions and far-infrared.

Chip Technology

Negative Ions (Anion)
⧫ The substance known as "the vitamins of air"
⧫ Suppress the survival and multiplication of bacteria and viruses effectively.

Nano Silver
⧫ It has powerful anti-bacterial effect
⧫ 100 times more effective at killing harmful bacteria than normal silver chip

⧫ Helps improve blood circulation in the body.
⧫ Promotes body metabolism and sooth menstrual pain. (Credit to: Amez Care FB  page)

Amez pad has three varieties Day pad, Night pad and Pantyliner. Each pad was uniquely designed for every women's needs. I am satisfied of breathable, ultra-thin pad suited for my moderate to heavy days. The pad was so wide for optimum proctection from leakage. I feel so comfortable like I don't wear any pad on.

Overall experience: Red days are never been as exciting as this before. The soothing aroma, cooling effect and the wide pad with ultra-thin layer change how my perspective on dealing with my period. I really hope they have Amez in our local pharmacies and convenience stores. It is a complete package of comfort and confidence in a pad. Highly recommended!

Photo by: Amez Care FB page

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. Great to know they're making more skin-friendly pads. I'm also concerned with paper waste though. I wish I could bring myself to use menstrual cups. That would give a different comparison.

  2. I tried this brand before and I like it.
    shall check out the places that sell soon.

  3. Amez is starting to get known in Malaysia. I know, I'm from Malaysia. I haven't personally tried it myself, though. One of these days....

  4. i really love this brand... it helps with my itchiness and i feel just clean and fresh

  5. I have heard of the brand before but have yet to try it. Will certainly check it out soon.

  6. My first time hear about this brand. But i like this kind of pad because it usually helps me reduce my cramp.

  7. Wondering where I can get this around KL area. Looks no bad and may give a try if have the chance.

    1. I think they are available at Aeon Wellness Mall. Check it out!

  8. This is the first time to know this product, but very informative. I disagree, everyone including men and kids should learn and know about sanitary pads. This is something that shiuldn't be sensored (unless you are spreading mess, right?) these are necessities.

  9. branding, yet to hear about it until reading your sharing, will be on my list for my shopping next weekend :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. Was able to try this brand and I just so love it. It has a cooling effect down there. I love that it can be so thin and yet absorb what needs to be absorbed. Stopped using it as I am currently pregnant but is again looking forward to using it after I gave birth and my menstruation goes back.

  11. I have never heard about these, but I would love to try them. I also have complicated periods and strong abdominal cramps, and I have tried everything to improve my situation. I used various sanitary pads, but these were never on my list. Until now. I'll try to buy them online. Thank you for your suggestion.