Mini-spa goodness: Zenutrients Lavender All Around Spahhnitizer

Monday, February 27, 2017

Zenutrients Lavender All Around Spahhnitizer
Net wt: 50 mL (full size) 
Cost: 140 pesos (approx:2.8$)

Hey girl!

Mini-spa moments can be brought everywhere with you using this all-around spahhnitizer. It is overflowing with goodness in one bottle. I thought it was a clever idea to made such this "SPAHHNITIZER". I am not sure if it was an original idea, but I have never tried this kind of formulation before. Zenutrients never fail to amaze me with their amazing formulation of organic products. By the way, as a medical professional, sanitizing is a basic activity that we do that is why I am used to carry an alcohol or sanitizer with me all the time. Of all the antiseptic solution I already used, this one is special. Sanitizing isn't as relaxing and mood-changing as this before. Yes!

The 50 ml spray bottle is just the perfect handy size that can fit with most of our hand-carry bag. It is made with double distilled sugarcane alcohol and cleansing oils such as, lavander, tea trea, and peppermint. They call it the "ultimate spahhnitizer". And yes, I agree. It was so versatile that it can't just be used on hands but also on mats, linens and other sufaces that you want to spread the spa goodness. It can also be used as mild bug repellant and is safe to children and pets.

What strikes me the most was the cleansing oils incorporated in this product. It changed the sanitizer-game for me. It is good for daily sanitizing use plus the boost of relaxing aroma. Its sweet and minty scent gave me a calming mood, its like every spray is mood-booster for me. I know not everyone will like this kind of scent and someone might think that I overexaggerated it. Gave it try!

Overall experience: I noticed that everybody were asking what was that smell whenever I sprayed it. The aroma in every spray was recognizable. I just hope that it will not dry my skin because it was addicting to use. It is affordable at 140 pesos. It can be used in cleansing many surfaces

Speaking of spa goodness, I have tried few days ago a massage chair that looks the same like one from Comfy Massage Chair. I had a good, relieving 3-minute massage for 10 pesos that I needed for weeks. I told my mom that it will be nice to have one at home for a daily massage experience. I found out that we could get one here: Best Massage Chairs.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. Hi, does Zenutrients alsonoffers essential oils and aromatherapy oils?

  2. Wahh. Good innovation, who would've thought someone will make a lavender hand spray right? Its a good smell too.

  3. Awww this is what I need right now, a perfect mini spa moment and can be enjoy it at anywhere anytime!

  4. Dealing with the skin has turned into a component of worry to each individual particularly today where much consideration is given to the magnificence of the skin.
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  5. spas are good moment times for me, for the real effect for my body and also a good time to meditate while the work is been done. and for lavender ? i love anything from fragrance to just about anything that has in its content lavender. richly done post this is.