Insta-white with SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Face Cream Powder

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

SkinWhite 3-1 Advanced Whitening Face Cream
Cost: 82.80 pesos (approx: $1.8)/ 7g: 22.80 pesos (approx: $0.50)
Net wt: 20g (also available in 7g)
Shades: Light beige (other variants Rose White and White)
Available at: Leading stores nationwide (PH)

Hey girl!

Turn your face cream into a powder magic. That is SkinWhite face cream! It is a go-to cream with a powder finish. It instantly brightens up the skin and gives a radiant-looking face. It is the evolutionized version of our baby powder but of course, much better. You can touch-up on the go without powder fall outs. It is perfect for daily use. It has powerwhitening formula that attacks melanin production such as blocking UV rays from entering innermost layer of the skin,suppresing melanin production  and  preventing release of melanin to uppermost layer of the skin to prevent further skin darkening. Let's take a closer look!

The packaging is in a 20 g tube which is pretty cute. Despite this little tube, the formula was enough for a long-time use. You only need an  small amount to blend on your face and it delivers the intawhite effect. It also has SPF12 which I know is not enough for full protection, so I needed to use other product along with it. By the way, I don't use this for heavy days (at work or if I'm out all day) because it will not be enough to cover and protect my face all day. I only used it on a lighter days when I'm at home or small walk.

It is in a sqeeuzable tube which is not bat at all. However, it will be a real work blending this on skin because you have to blend it well to distribute the powder and turn it into powder. If not properly blended, it will create white patches which is not good. The powder-finish is flawless looking if you have moisturized skin because I noticed that it emphasized dry areas on my face which is also not good. It says it moisturize the face, but I don't think it do well in that department.

You have to mix the tube a little by pinching the product inside the tube gently because sometimes the formula looks watery like this (the one on the photo below). It is supposed to be a thick cream so there's an equal distribution of the right amount of product. By the way, the scent is light floral which is good enough. It also comes in 3 variants light beige, white and rose white. I haven't tried the other two variants but I bet it much more lighter than what I got the light beige. I don't think I would try the other variants since Light Beige looks so light already on a medium Filipina skin tone.

SkinWhite in Action!

When applying the face cream, an ample amount of product is enough. The one that I did in the photo is not advisable, since you cannot control the amount of the cream. You have to put it one side at a time. Upon rubbing on the face cream, it will be a huge white mess on your face as it turns into powder (that's why little amount is only needed). You have to blend well the cream onto your face because it tend to cake and you don't want to have that "espasol" face look after. The tiny amount of cream let you control the intensity of brightness it will turn out into your face. So, take it gently girl. I am totally having fun putting so much face cream on my face, then I realized it so hard to blend it on my entire face and some areas have white cakey spots. It took me time to make a decent after look. 

Overall experience: If you have a dry skin, this powder can easily emphasize those dry spots which is not great in a close-up. But, I think this cream can be a helpful alternative to our baby powder since it has finer powder finish and will took longer than the usual baby powder. I recommend this for everyday use like at home or usual daily errands outdoors since it instantly gives an instant radiant look on the face. For me, there's nothing so much special with the cream. If you want to have a freshier look than your no make-up look. Then, try this out.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. Nice instant coverage.You look fresh with that on.

  2. This cream powder doesn't seem easy to use especially when it doesn't blend well. However, it is indeed good to have handy for light usage.

  3. wow~ a small tube can get skin white~why not?!

  4. is it sticky? it suits your skin babe.

  5. use it and be white and pretty and super! :) nice review

  6. wow, so white.. need to use a blender to blend in nicely and not too thick. quite nice but a bit of trouble!

  7. This is interesting since it is dual purpose. Thanks for sharing dear.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style - Beauty and Mommy Blog

  8. I have never heard of this brand before. But then I should really check this out. Thanks for your sharing!

  9. The result is amazing and give immediate results too! Did it sell here in Malaysia?

  10. Does it comes with different shades? Look like its too light.

  11. I can notice the difference after you have applied the cream. I hope that we have it in Malaysia - I can let my sisters know about it.

  12. Face cream powder sounds cool. And it shows a great difference in your complexion. I use baby powder and this seems a nice option. Wonder if this is available in India. Nicely reviewed.

  13. the shade suit you skin. It product it self so nice