Rebond in your own home: Monea Hair Rebond System, is it effective?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monea Hair Rebond System
1 box includes: 2 x 150g jar
                           Instruction slip
Cost: P 290.00 pesos (approx: $6)

Hey girl!

I was wondering if I could save a penny in doing my hair rebonding at home. I have never tried doing it alone but it is not the first time that my hair got rebonded. I've seen this  Hair Rebonding System for a long time in Watsons but I was hesistant to buy because I might not do it the right way. Before finally purchasing one box, I've watched and read some reviews carefully. First of all, I don't expect much on this one for its price. Its been months now since I did my rebonding at home.

Upon starting my DIY rebonding at home, I carefully read the instructions from the box and from the included slip on how to do the process right. Unfortunately, as of writing, I don't have the original slip that is why I cannot give you the step-by-step process on how I did it. But I swear, I didn't miss a thing on the steps and I also did rinse the product on the time stated on the instructions. I don't want to end up frying my hair with these chemicals, too!

As you can see, there are two jars included in the box. The process was applying the #1 jar first which I believe the neutralizer (correct me if I'm wrong). It breaks the bonds on your hair (I think I read something like that). Then, the #2 jar which is supposed to straighten the hair. Luckily, I didn't experience any allergic or sensitivity reactions on these creams which are chemically moderate-strong. 


It is really hard to do everything by yourself because you might not distribute the product evenly on your hair. I ask for the help of my mom in the application process. Also, the hair ironing part is very tiring if you want to do it perfectly. Aside from this product, I also bought a jar for hair treatment because it is recommended to have it after the rebonding process to give TLC for your hair after putting these harsh chemicals. I ended up liking more the inexpensive kertain hair treatment that I bought in partner with this than the Monea itself. 


It is my first time to try home rebonding and I must say I don't recommend this. Go to professional hairdressers and have your hair rebonding done by them. I haven't posted a before and after photo of my hair this time because it almost doesn't change its appearance. My hair is still wavy and looking-frizzy. But in fairness, this product doesn't fried my hair or make it worse. It actually made it a little smoother than usual. Overall, I am not gonna buy this one again. It helps that I read reviews first so, I don't really expect much on this like what most of the reviews I've read. By the way, my hair is fine and nothing change much as usual. 

P.S I just realized the woman in the photo on their box looks creepy. I should have posted this on the Halloween not in the Easter. LOL! #justsaying

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Princess Mikee

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