Zenutrients Lavender and Eucalyptus Bug Repellant Balm

Monday, April 17, 2017

Zenutrients Lavender and Eucalyptus Bug Repellant Balm
Cost: 290.00 pesos
Net wt: 50g

Hey girl!

Happy Monday! We are all back to werk,werk,werk! Heat strikes so bad that it hurts our skin, but I would rather soak under the sun beside the beach than be bitten by those icky mosquitoes. Real deal, huh? Good thing, I have my buddy from Zenutrients, my fave organic and natural beauty brand. They have these amazing line of all organic products from head to toe and even this repellent balm. It fights against bugs, ticks and flies with its natural formulation.

I have a mosquito spray before. It works well. And this one is different. It is in a wax form which makes it more economical because you only need little amount good for one use. At first, I thought it was so hasssle to lather it into the skin since it is in a balm type (more like a wax). But, as I use it I started to love the non-so-greasy feel it gives my skin. I don't usually maintain to have a repellent everytime because I am the type of person who is always chase and love to bite by moisquitoes (I knew a friend of mine) but, for sure I don't take it for granted and wanted to protect myself too.

Going back to this product, if you are bringing this for travel this is perfect because it is easy to carry with guaranteed no-spills. The jar is also just in the size of an average face cream. It is safe to use for children 6 months and above. The scent of lavander and eucalyptus is enjoyable for us humans but not in mosquitoes and other bugs. It can also be use day or night.


It minimizes the appearance of annoying mosquitoes around me but, the effectivity only last while the product still doesn't sink in to skin. Reapplication is needed everytime. Unlike other chemicals use in repellant, this one isn't as strong and efficient as expected. But for me who aren't much bothered by mosquitoes. The protection is just what I needed. Another plus factor, it doesn't dry my skin.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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