5 Ways to release tension and stress

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hey girl!

We got so much busy making our life become colorful but despite that, we still get caught in down times. We find oursleves struggling in a situation that makes us feel more toxic in life. We might be settling in a life full of burdens and responsibilities that we forget to find time to make idle time for ourselves. In return, we got caught up in the midst of anxiety and stressful situations. Moreover, we can't justify what is really the problem with our system. So, I thought of finding simple and practical solutions on dealing with stress. Here are some tips on what you can do to reduce tension and stress.

1. Meditate

With this fast-faced life, we ought to solve problems more than what our body and mind can handle. We learned to multitasks, but it only added much stress to our being. Meditation let us find our inner peace and clear our minds. We focus to let the positive vibes come in and transform negativity to happiness.  More often than not, through reflecting, we found relaxation of our body and mind.

2. Massage 

Therapies are better for our body. Some people demand more than that usual full body massage. It might not be the typical relief to ease the tension in our body, but body movements through massaging can help relax our muscles in a most pleasurable way. Not only it can be a stress reliever, but also it can bring back our energy and make us more alive. 

3. Keep Moving

It may sound like a "run away" but it literally is. You have to detach for a while on what consumes yourself. Did you heard of a saying that, you found yourself in other places? Finding youself in an unfamiliar place is like getting away from your comfort zone once in while. It will make you feel brand new. It will give your mind time to rest and your body a chance to regain passion. 

4. Exercise

Work out your body because physical activities can be a natural stress reliever. It decreases overall tension and a mood stabilizer. You don't need to be engage in gym activities. Simple exercise and little walks can bring immediate results. It doesn't only help in relieving stress but also on some anxiety and psychiatric disorders. It can be a natural everyday remedy that has a long lasting effects. 

5. Laugh

Simple and pretty basic. You are depressed? Find time to laugh. Laughing released hormonal reaction in our system that improves our mood and reduce stress. When in doubt, divert your attention on anything that gives you happiness. There's no other better idea to drop off stress but to switch in being happy. 

That's it! There are also many other ways to deal with it, but what is important is that you acknowledge and recognize your situation and find time to establish the best solution depending on your own personal needs. How do you cope up with tension and stress? Share me some of your thoughts!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Princess Mikee

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