Pros and Cons: How do you spend your time online?

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Hey girl!

In this era, computers and technological advances prevails. The possibilities expands in an online world and sometimes even practical and better. A thought comes to mind, what if these world wide web will invade everything in our life and will be a basic on one's human being. Well, still I'm in doubt. But on the positive note, what and how this community we built online now affects our life and relationship today? How did it help us to have a better life?

Here are some of the popular activities online. Can you relate to them? Let's discuss its pros and cons.

Online shopping

Pros: It is now the biggest thing! We can now make a purchase all over the world in just a few clicks. The options are endless and easily searchable. You can also compare prices and find the items thru filtered searchable bars to find what perfectly suits your needs.

Cons: The physical item is not as good as you see online. It can be a shirt that is M in size but larger than your build. There are also fake items sold online. You can't easily spot the legit item in just several catalogues posted online.

Online gaming

Pros: Computer technology are intended for entertainment purposes. So, it served its purpose well through online gaming. There are abundant activities to do like in online casino and gaming. There are a lot of leisure and recreational games to choose from. Moreover, there are also RPG gaming and applications that are now popular to what they call "millenials".

Cons: Brace yourself because it is highly addicting. The jam-packed fun online casino games can be abused when not properly handled. 

Online job

Pros: Online-based jobs are becoming more competitive income-wise. You can do so much with your keyboards and headset. One can be productive by getting multiple errands and projects at the same time. You can multitask easily and have the freedom of your own time.

Cons: It has less motivation because you are doing your tasks alone.

Online business

Pros: It is the best to start up in a practical way. It has less effort but has higher outcome and reach. Since more people are now dependent online, more potential buyers are readily available.

Cons: Because of the growing community, there are more competitor online stores in the web. You have to be unique and authentic to soar high.

Online Studying

Pros: This is a great advantage for those who are on a continuing education because going to school is time-consuming for those who are already pursuing a career. You have the chance to set your own time table based on your availability.

Cons: Students will be less focus since there are no physical interaction with the superior. Less communication and relationship with other learners will be an utmost disadvantage for those who are taking it online. 

Online Media

Pros: Social networking sites made it easier to communicate with our loved ones anywhere in the world. It feels like they are always within reach.

Cons: The more you are inclined with your online profile, the less you are into your own reality. Keep the balance.

Truly, the community we made online makes our big world reachable. As time passed by, it extends the horizons on more possibilities to discover. We can't wait for that! On the other hand, it should not be a hindrance to the real connections we have between people. Instead, it should only be the extension of the relationaship we already built physically.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

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Princess Mikee

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