Instant flawless body: Belo BB body cream spray SPF 50 & PA ++++

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream Spray SPF 50 & PA ++++
Net wt: 100ml
Cost: 399.75 PHP (approx: $8)

Hey girl!

Do you know that, aside from the BB cream that we used to put on our face, there is  now available body BB cream counterpart? Thanks to Belo we can now achieve a flawless  skin all over. I believe this is perfect to use at summer time especially when we flaunt our skin under the raving sun. How effective it was? Let's find out. 

I remember my fave Belo Ultragentle Sheer Spray in this spray bottle. I thought they replaced it by this one, but no, it has a different purpose and that is to protect and to even out the skin. You know how I love dearly their Belo SunExpert line and I am surprised that Belo is doing a great job in improving and creating interesting products that fits our every need. 

I am too excited to get my full sized sample at Sample Room and try it right away as soon as the parcel arrived. Lol! The pressurized spray can was helpful in dispensing the product easily with the right distance against the skin. However, it has a tendency to spill more than the amount of product desired when you sprayed it too close to your skin which I did on my first few sprays. Also, it is important that you just put the correct amount because it is prone to leave white cast and it wasn't easy to blend in especially if you have darker skin tone. It comes in one shade Natural, which I think can be improved. Although, it has a tone correcting formula which suppose to diffuse on skin, I still think my arms and legs doesn't look naturally flawless with this product. The texture of the product is fine, but the shade isn't. I wanted it a little shade down with yellow undertone so it will look perfectly fine.

I also wish I had a photo taken before it actually ran out. I thought it will take me long before I empty my first can. Due to my fail first trial sprays and two more other test run (both arms and entire legs up to half of the thighs) that I did, I ran out of it before I can actually use it to my beach getaway.

By the way, here is a before and after photo that I grabbed courtesy of Sample Room.

Photo courtesy: Sample Room

Overall thoughts: It is a good start that Belo produced body BB cream which is not only to help in having a flawless skin, but also to help in improving the overall skin health because of its variety of benefits. The SPF as always is on top. I bet this is perfect for some people out there which perfectly blends on their skintone. The Belo ultrasheer spray is still my favorite and I'd rather have a glowy,shiny body flaunt than to have unnatural white-looking skintone. If there are few adjustments to be done, I will not think twice to repurchase this again.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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