Tired skin remedy: Zenutrients CocoHoney Firming Mask

Monday, August 28, 2017

Zenutrients CocoHoney Firming Mask
Cost: PHP 499.00 (approx: $10)
Net wt: 40 ml

Hey girl!

Happy long weekend and Happy National Heroes Day. Do you have plans for your extra day off at work? If there's none, take advantage of it as your relaxation day at home. Here's what you can add up to your skincare today while chilling.  I know how tiring would be a day after work and we have no enough time to pamper ourselves. Treatments from beauty center can be expensive at times and will cost you extra hassle time travelling to its location. You always have a DIY alternative by using products that your skin needed at the comfort of your own home.

Truly, creations of beauty products using natural extracts makes my heart pound of excitement. Zenutrients didn't disappoint to deliver unique and exciting products made all natural. One of them is this CocoHoney Firming mask that is intended to firm and tighten skin. Its key ingredients are the bomb in hydration and moisture, Coconut and Honey. I have seen DIY facial masks using these ingredients and I am certain great skin benefits are expected. So without hesistation, I grab this CocoHoney firming mask.

The consistency is not too thick and sticky which makes it easier to apply. The lovely sweet fragrance of honey was abundant which is just love. It is packaged in a pump bottle for a perfect spill of the controlled amount of product needed.


 1. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
                                              2. Leave for 15-20 minutes or until dry
                                              3. Peel off, no need to rinse.

The application of the product was smooth and easy because the product has a thin consistency than expected. It is supposed to be a peel-off, no rinse mask but for several times I coat it it doesn't settle to form a mask. Instead, I just rinsed it off with warm water after a good 20 minutes of use. It doesn't have tingling sensation on the face, but I experienced a slight warming of my face while the product is on. It is not disturbing at all. But I think, it could be really better if it actually form a peel-off mask. After use, it was refreshing and my face instantly soften and smoothen out. I used it twice a week but you can do so up to four (4) times as directed.

Overall thoughts: Knowing the benefits of CocoHoney in skin regeneration and repair makes it worth the try. There is no instant firming effect seen since I still have no visible fine lines and sagging. But, the boost of moisture makes my face looks healthy and young. It could be more improved in the technical side. Nevertheless, by its being natural, makes it worthy of its own. I loved it.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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