Your Matte Moisturizer: Celeteque DermoScience Sun Care SPF 30 Broad Spectrum

Friday, August 04, 2017

Celeteque Sun Care Matte Moisturizer SPF 30 UVB/UVA Protection
Sample size: 5ml/tube
Full size: 50ml
Cost: 230.00 pesos ($5)
Available at: Watsons, Mercury Drus, Robinsons Dept. Store

Hey girl!

Hello August! Let's get into what we used to do: skincare product review. In this millennium, we are always hearing something matte from any beauty products. Matte is definitely one of the hit word in the beauty counter since the past year. However, I haven't heard about matte in a moisturizer, since moisturizer are tend to well of course, hydrate and moisturize while, matte is connected to being dry and less moisture/no mositure. So when I've seen this matte moisturizer samples from Celeteque, I didn't hesitate to try.

I got this tiny 5 ml tube samples from Sample Room which is just perfect for a try out if it will be best suited for my skin. I got an oily to combination skin type so anything with matte in it attracts me. When I got my sample products, it was more like a sunscreen for me more than a moisturizer. It says on the label that it was indeed intended for suncare which is a plus point for me already because of its UVA and UVB protection.

Although it is rainy season at the moment, we still got the sunny part on most of our days. So yeah, it is so fun under the sun here in the Philippines and one of the staple skincare that we should have is sunscreen. I can't emphasize enough about it here so I posted an article about it HEREAll you need to know about sunscreen

When I first tried it, I almost forgot that it was a moisturizer, but rather I used it to protect my face from harmful sun rays. The cute yellow tube adds to a more sunscreen feel. It has SPF 30 and it is enough for the protection on my face since I still used other skincare products. 

The consistency was a bit heavy on the face which I don't like at first. Also, I don't know if it is just me but I feel a warmth sensation on my face whenever I used it. The scent smells like a sunscreen that I used before. It isn't bad but, it smells like a generic chemically formulated product. Woah! Where did I get that? Haha. By the way, I am not so good at identifying and describing the scent. The next question, does it mattify? What is the effect of a matte moisturizer?


Excuse my #nofilter shots. I am getting used to it. As you can see, it still gives a moisture on my face but not making it look greasy. The perfect description might be it makes the skin looks glowing. It removes the dullness and brightens up the face. I still prefer to put concealer and powder on top of it for extra coverage. On the other note, even if I still wanted to put on some other creams with this, I can't because it feels heavy already. I only used it alone or with concealer and powder. That's it.

Overall Experience: Even if I like the sun protection it gave me, I think I will not use this as my daily moisturizer but rather as a sunscreen when I needed more protection than usual. The matte factor on this moisturizer balances out the oiliness of the face and gave my face a glowy look instead. I don't think I will repurchase this for now since I rarely used it these days.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. nice product.. but i never heard about it before.. will check it out later

  2. tak pernah dengar product ni.. tapi nampak ok jugak..

  3. Nice product! I'll consider trying this :)

  4. Have not heard of this.. if it does happen to be in Malaysia I might just check it out...

  5. Never seen this brand in Malaysia. Hope it will available here soon.


  6. Wow, this is super cool product and I guess that this can really rhyme with my skin type. I'm not really into skin product, but sometimes I used moisturizer when I feel like my skin is getting dry. I might try to use this one. You actually have elucidated the product very well including all its benefits. Thank you so much for sharing this one with us. I truly appreciate it.

  7. knew it. To be honest, the term matte and moisturiser are two things that I don't think can go hand in hand without consequences. because they're like at the opposite ends of the spectrum... You know? And the consequence is as you said it was pretty heavy to use on the skin. I think I'll stick to biore instead of this one cause it's much lighter. :)