#Dollified: Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cathy Doll L-Glutathione and Whitening + Pore tightening and SPF50 PA+++
Net wt: 60 ml
Cost: 299.00 pesos (approx $5.9)
Made in South Korea

Hey girl!

Oh! It is almost November already and I am trying to cope up with my backlogs from the past months. Here is my review of Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream. My first Cathy Doll item. Looking at their line, I am really impressed with the lovely packaging of this brand. It catches every girly gal's hearts easily - including mine.

Cathy Doll is Thailand-based beauty brand with a touch of Korean. This sunscreen was particularly formulated in Korea. I was actually confused at first if it is really from Korea. I have made my own research and found out their brand was inspired by Korean beauty. The end result of Thailand beauty expertise + Korean bomb and trendy beauty technology are equalled to a promising, fun and lovely brand.


It has 5 key ingredients

Skin Whitening
Skin Moisturizing
Sun Protection
Pore Tightening

The texture of the product itself was thick, but I didn't find it hard to blend in my skin. I thought it will be leaving white cast on me, but it doesn't, which is good. Upon application,  it gave me an instant cooling effect which is what I just needed especially when I am outdoors.  After application, it was just a little sticky at first. 

It makes the skin moisturised and protected with its SPF 50 PA+++. On the whitening part, well no exagerrated whitening effect happened after application. Although, I can see a little difference between my real skin tone versus the arm that I applied it on which I think is perfect. Why? Because it doesn't leave white patches which is not really great when you have dark to ''morena'' tone. Another thing, I thought the scent would be something so fragrant, but no. It has a mild lovely scent which is just right.

Overall experience:

I gave it a 9/10 stars. I love the water-splash technology that they have incorporated with it. It does a good job in giving a cooling effect. I know that I am well-protected because it is a broad spectrum sunscreen. It has a lovely packaging and easy to use. To top it all, it was so affordable with all that benefits. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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