Seoul White Korea: Instant White Tone-up Whitening Milky Cream Review

Friday, March 23, 2018

Instant White Tone-up Whitening Milky Cream
Net wt: 20 g
Cost: 299.00 pesos (approx:$6)
Available in Watsons and on their website

Hey girl!

Another K-beauty brand to get to know. It is always a refreshing feel to add up skincare from korean beauty brand. Now, we have a whitening tone-up cream that is infused with berries and donkey milk. How's that? It came just in time when my skin needs more moisturization. It is a milky cream that gives a brightening effect.

It is packaged in a cute milk box (just like). I love the creativity! Of course, still girly girl. The three dominant ingredients are arbutin bearberry, white strawberry and donkey milk. It moisturizes the skin and leaves a bright glow. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: (source: Sample Room)

Arbutin Bearberry, dubbed as the current darling of skin lightening in Korea and the “new kojic acid”, is a natural form of alpha arbutin that’s a powerful skin brightener that lightens the complexion without any irritation.

White Strawberry is a rare and special fruit that is known for its magical ability to maintain the skin white, even under the sun! It’s as if it has an SPF-like effect to protect the complexion and works as a natural exfoliant for a double whitening effect.

Donkey Milk, nicknamed “white gold”, has been found to be superior than cow’s milk and as much as four times the Vitamin C. Since the ancient times, it is used by beauty enthusiasts to bring extra nourishment and moisturization to the skin.

It comes in a pointed tip for an easy squeeze out tube. It has a distinct sweet smell which makes it so pleasant to apply. The cream is so light like a watery texture and can easily be blended. It can be use not only on the face, but also on dark-prone areas like elbows, knees, legs.


Instant white! It can be my everyday moisturizing cream. It is easy to use and it is a joy to apply because of its scent. It ltakes away the dullness of my face. 

Overall thoughts: Affordable moisturizing cream that works! It works well too under make-up. It preps my skin well by brightening up and moisturizing. However, it lacks SPF properties for me. Nevertheless, it helps on our way to Chok-chok goals!

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Princess Mikee

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