Beauty Trend: Summer Hair 2018 with L'Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights VS L'Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights
in 03 Light Ash Brown (also available in 02 Golden Brown, 01 Natural Brown) 
Cost: 399.00 pesos (approx: $8)

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion
in 6.13 Golden Nude Brown
Cost: 299.00 (discounted price)

L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights


L'Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion

Hey girl!
It's been a year since I try my very first DIY colored hair with Loreal. I used Golden Excellence Fashion in Golden Ash Brown 6.13. I actually planned to post it but I don't know what happened and I became very busy with some important things. And now, I am doing my hair coloring with this Fashion Ultra Lights. So what I will do in this post is to make somewhat a comparison between the two L'Oréal hair coloring products and the effects on my hair. You can choose between the two!

By the way, just a quick catch up. I am close to catching up with my pending post here in my blog and everything will be posted in a right timing. #productivity


Both basically have 4 main hair solutions plus 3 others. It contained: Protective Pre-Colour Serum, Creme Developer, Protective Creme Colour and Protective Conditioner. It also have instructions leaflet, a special comb and disposable gloves. I am impressed that L'Oréal Paris managed to make hair coloring at home easier with all well-packed materials and serums needed pre and post-hair treatment. With all of these, it was totally worth it!


 It has 4 steps (you can read thoroughly on the instructions guide provided):

Step 1. Use the Protective Pre-Colour Serum on the weak areas of the hair that is more likely to be damage. This is to avoid further hair damage due to chemical treatments.

Step 2 & 3. Get the Creme Developer and pour in the Protective Creme Colour into it. Mix well and open the tip of the cup to avoid bursting.

-----------------------START THE COLOURING PROCESS-----------------------------
Step 4. Use the Protective Conditioner to wash off.


Firstly, ever since I tried the DIY hair coloring (which I only just done twice in my life), I seek for assistance of my parent in the hair-coloring process. It may look really easy looking at the vidoes on how they pour in the creme into the hair, but it makes me cautious that it will bring at least a drop on my face or worst to my eyes. As much as possible, I make sure that I get help from anyone at home. That's why we also have the professionals to do this for us (quite expensive though).

Another thing, the solution has a very strong chemical odor that is unpleasant. I appreciate if they include mask too. But for your sake, wear a mask. I am not being maarte, but how could other people get through that harsh odor. 

Have you had allergic reaction? Thankfully, I have no any reactions, no redness, no itchiness, no irritation. It is highly recommended to do a skin test before everythng else. The worst thing is you will be rushed to emergency room because of hypersensitivity reaction (can be fatal).

Is it worth it? Yes, if you want a unicolored hair. I have a jet black hair color on my roots and some brown at the ends (from my 1st salon hair-coloring session) before I started my DIY hair-coloring with L'Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion in Golden Nude Brown. Then, a year after from Golden Nude Brown ends and jet black roots, I discovered the L'Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights and tried the light ash brown, my current hair color.


I only used one box in my pass shoulder length hair and it is not enough. But, I think getting two boxes was more than enough. I only used 1 box on both DIY, anyway. Also, my second attempt in coloring gives me uneven patches on my roots. I should have started with the roots and wash off. Then, the tail ends. Still, not very bad.

My Actual Hair Color (Left) VS My First Salon Hair Color (Right)


Overall thoughts: My first trial with L'Oréal was just the right leap of getting to the brown side (Golden Nude Brown). Then, it is just the right time to get one step lighter (Light Ash Brown). The result was both patchy. Though it is not perfect, I still don't regret it. Also, it is good to note that it makes the hair smoother and not drier. I can definitely said that hair coloring at the salon gave me more even hair color on all sides of my hair than this. However, I am looking forward to more hair coloring with L'Oréal for me!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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