Relaxing Oils from Zenutrients is a Bomb

Monday, April 30, 2018

Zenutrients Ginger Pump Oil
Therapeutic Massage Oil
Cost: Full-sized (215.00 pesos in 100 ml bottle/ 358.00 pesos in 250 ml)
Net wt: Sample-sized 50 ml

Hey girl!

I've been checking my logs of pending reviews and lastly, these products were the last on my list and everything next are new babies. It was a shame not to feature and review these products on my blog because these oils have been very helpful for me this last months.

These two are both massage oils. One is the Therapeutic oil which is a combination of leaves + coconut oil and the other one is Ginger oil. They were both helpful in a different way.

Therapeutic Oil. This one is the relaxing oil. The one we use in a typical massage. The aroma is totally de-stressing. When our relatives tried this for the first time when we brought it to the province, they were sold and also totally loved it. So, we have to re-purchase for an extended relaxation of the entire family. :) The aroma itself should be tried and not described. So, if you are looking for oils for a home massage experience. Then, you should visit Zenutrients because they have a lot more great blend of various massage oil that you will not regret.

Ginger Oil. One of my finger on my right hand started to become painful because (I realized I've been torturing it with so much hand writing for the last 1-2 months - which I regret). This ginger oil became my remedy to my tensed muscle. It works the same like many 'linement' that we used because it warms the affected part. I also used it when I have my not so serious tummy ache. The warmth it gives is relieving.

Overall thoughts: I never thought I would be addicted with the scent of different oils because to some it smelled like 'oldies' (if you know what I mean). But heck no (for me), you call me oldie goody or whatsoever but both of these oils were heaven sent to me. It worked as it is because it is all natural. You'll know it, when you try it.

We're running out of oils again because it was just so good. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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