Where we stayed in our quick trip in Vigan: GVE Vigan Transient House

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Photo courtesy of: GVE Vigan Transient House FB Page
Hey girl!

If you have no more time to book a hotel for a spontaneous trip in Vigan. Try transient houses. Luckily, we found a good one that still hits the budget. We were 9 persons. 7 adults and 2 kids going for a quick detour to Vigan. We have a night left to find where we were staying. Upon search for a transient house, GVE came first in the Google list. So, I contact them immediately via their FB page. They responded the morning after (when we were on the way to Vigan). Fortunately, GVE has some transient houses open that time, so it was so easy to book/confirm the same day of our stay.

It was a good deal for 4,500 pesos all-in for 9 persons. 1 transient house with 2 AC rooms (one with TV), 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and dining, Wifi area and pleasant house caretaker. The house is good for 6-9 pax only. We maximized it! Great. If you will calculate it will be 500 pesos/head for all of us. Good enough plus a family home where we can be together.

There were some sticky notes from previous renter of this house with positve reviews! Note: No one recommended this transient house on us nor I haven't seen a review online. Their business page just came first on the list of Google seach.
We were instantly accomodated upon arriving to the house. The caretaker (claimed to be the sister of the owner) was also nice to tell us some hints on places where to go. They actually have a lot of transient houses for rent. There were big ones for big groups and families.

Here are some the photos of the house we stayed. Transient house 2.

Up to Bedrooms 

Extra foams were provided if we needed.

Bathroom and Kitchen

 We don't actually stayed here for a long time because we were out all afternoon till night to stroll around. We left the car in their parking area and walk to the plaza for around 5-10 mins. There was a shortcut from here going to the main places so it will be no problem exploring around. 

After a long day of strolling, we still got to enjoy sharing some of our snapshots with their good wifi connection. It was a nice, quick stay and find!


*Not a sponsored post. Everything was paid personally.

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