Comfort at its finest with UNIQLO Women's AIRism

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Photo by: UNIQLO
Hey girl!

I am probably not one of the fashionable person you will know. As long as I have decent clothing in a specific occasion that gives me comfort, I am good to go. Though as far as I know, whether you are wearing a fashionable outfit or not, comfort is still one of the priority in finding the perfect wear.

Uniqlo takes it a step higher with their product AIRism which has what they called comfort conditioning technology. They made sure we are getting the utmost comfortability we could in our wear, especially in a country with a humid weather. I am lucky that I was able to get three (3) Uniqlo Women's AIRism via Sample Room to experience this unique technology they incorporate with these clothing. Also, I was amazed how they combined the best of lightweight silk and the comfy cotton. It has its unique properties made to be as light as the silk and absorbable and comfortable as the cotton. It is somewhat in between.

It might be interesting to see this video experiment they made on how this AIRism really works.

Here is me trying to mix and match my Uniqlo AIRism. Not the typical me posting an OOTD, but here you go. It is not that hard to blend it in any top. I got the colors beige, black and baby pink.




Everything retails for 590.00 pesos each. It is not cheap. For a woman in a budget, this is surely a bit expensive. However, even a thrifty gal like me thought that I need at least one of this because of its functionality, effectiveness and comfort. Living in a humid country, this is very effecient to use because it absorbs well sweat and moisture, it is also lightweight and easy to wear. 

The availability of basic easy-to-match colors is there like white, black and beige. Seamless AIRism tops are also a great idea for an innerwear since it matches really good in any top plus its lightweight properties doesn't add up to the bulk in our outfit. It is also worth to say that not only it absorbs sweat fast, but also it contains the odor. Even after hot afternoon mixed with rain errand day ( what a day!), it doesn't makes me smell stinky after all the sweat and rain it absorbed. Bad thing, my cotton top is still wet from the rain, but good thing, my AIRism innerwear already absorbed the moisture and sweat. And woah, yes, I thought it was really good. 

By the way, upon checking on the Uniqlo store to claim my AIRism Women's tops, seeing these tops for the first time, so thin and feels like tearing up anytime. I am hesitant at first that it will be as great as it was presented and I expected. But no, it matched my expectations and true to its function. 

Thin, smooth, lightweight, stretchy enough = comfort and breathable
  Seamless, basic colors and design = can easily match to any top
Absorbs sweat and release moisture faster, no-odor = quality  

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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