A taste of Oktoberfest in Berlin 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hey girl!

There's are lot going on around Germany this October including my birthday *coughs*. Last Oct 3, they celebrated the day of German unity, which I haven't witnessed myself. Then, the original Oktoberfest, of course, in Munich last Sept 29-Oct 7. It just so happen I've been able to be to experience both here in Berlin and Munich. The Munich part will be on the next post. 

This mini Oktoberfest in Berlin was in Alexanderplatz. It is a huge marketplace and everyday many people usually gathered around here. It is a beautiful weekend and we decided after the usual shopping weekend spree to go ahead and check out the Oktoberfest here in Berlin.

I actually have no idea of how they celebrate Oktoberfest here in Germany. I only know about it from the PH, where everybody sitted drinking beer. I didn't expect it was as festive as a I never knew it was. What we have here are carnivals, food stalls, beer stalls (of course) and other things to buy.

It was yes, crowded. But still, we are able to get through and see some stalls.


Here are some of the small shops that offered clothes, decors, wood arts, paintings, etc. It was like a 'tiangge' in PH term. Our bags were already heavy from shopping around the area and this time we weren't able to shop for more. It was so interesting to see a variety of things to find here. 


You will not starve from walking around all day or maybe you want to eat something first before to dig in to your first mug of beer. There were the usual sausages, fries, ham, cheese and bread. Oh, they have donuts too.

There is this lovely sweet stand that really stands-out in front. The heart-shaped gingerbread is said to be the usual souvenir for kids during Oktoberfest. I don't have one.


I am so dumb to think that I will only see beers in Oktoberfest. That's how I know this feast plainly. Aside from beer, there are also something to drink for everyone.

A glimpse of Oktoberfest in Berlin in a weekend was awesome. I am just so happy to see and experience exciting things happens in this busy city. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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