Bright Lights in Berlin: Lichterfest Berlin 2018 (Festival of Lights)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hey girl!

Oh hello for quite sometime. It's been 2 months since I haven't posted in this blog (which I really missed!). I've been longing to post, but I just always have reasons that keep me busy and lazy at the same time. Just a quick update, I just moved to Berlin for 2 months now because I worked here. So far, it is been an exciting time for me since the beginning. Yeah, new environment, language, culture and people. More than the doubts and the expectations, I am actually thrilled to be here in Berlin. 

Because I owe you a lot of stories, I am planning to post what I have so far discovered about this culture-riched country, Germany. I have so many exciting stories to tell.

First stop, Berlin Festival of Lights! I visited today some of the main infrastructure in Berlin to witness the enchanting illuminated lights. I have seen this before in the Philippines but seeing this all over the city's main buildings makes it awesomely and overwhelmingly 'schon' (beautiful). Every building with projected lights have something interesting to share. It was the 14th year they are doing this in Berlin when the city lightens. They say it here 'Berlin Leuchtet'. It is every month of October. This year it started from Oct 4 until Oct 14. We were just in the right time *almost on the last day* to see and not to miss this lovely festival. Good thing I am in Berlin, there are so much more to learn and discover.

All over the place, everywhere glows with lighted-balloons, lighted-flower crowns, lighted glasses. It is a nice sight that this festival became also a time for family-bonding. The main buildings are crowded with people, old and young. 

The projecting of lights starts 7pm until midnight. When visiting the festival, better walk or take the trains because buses and cars tend to stuck in traffic because of number of people on the streets watching the magnificent scene. You can also book special tour via bus or via ship to take you to the participating infrastructures. Or better yet, walk and find it yourself these buildings, it isn't hard to find these buildings in a beautiful night. You will also have the chance to explore the city like what we did!

Berliner Dom

Humboldt University

Hotel de Rome

It was indeed a perfect weekend night to walk around the city and It is not that cold outside also! It is another great way to showcase art and culture which Berlin has a lot to offer. I am just happy to be able to experience this year's light festival.

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