Munich Oktoberfest 2018: Wiesn + Low cost transport via FlixBus

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hey girl!

As promised, this is my Munich Oktoberfest 2018 Experience post (no-alcohol version). I travelled for 2 days in Munich with my friend as part of my 'treat-to-myself' birthday spree and also to visit our colleagues/friends, who are now based in Munich. It was more like a spontaneous plan and we were lucky enough that we have visited Munich during the last 2 days of the festival. So, as expected, just like the opening of the Oktoberfest, the last 2 days of the feast will be as crowded too. 

I'm starting to like the fact how the Germans celebrate their festivals. To be honest, I didn't expect that it is as festive as I thought their festivals would be. Celebrating with the crowd is no stranger to us, we are used to it and I am happy to experience that too on the other side of the world. 

First, how did we get to Munich from Berlin? We found a budget-friendly way to travel around European destinations and this is through FlixBus. It is just like our so-called provincial bus in PH, but it travels not only within  a EU country but also from one EU country to another. As easy as that! For me, there was no issue with long travels via Bus so, it was an easy catch for us. We booked the night trip so we will just sleep during our 8 hour travel going to Munich. It feels like me when I travelled from Laguna to Bicol. It was our first time to travel via FlixBus so here's what I learned:

Here is a quick insight with FlixBus.

1. It has USB charger and a pin-socket in every 2-seater seat. So, charge up all your gadgets before you made it to your destination.

2. Wifi connection. You can also enjoy using their free wifi if you need some entertainment during the trip. There is a consumable data allowance for every gadget.

3. Retractable table mount for eating or just plainly putting some of your things.

4. Food available at the driver's area. It is not free, if you forgot to bring food during the trip, no worries, because there is available snacks for purchase near the driver's seat. If you don't like the options (because sometimes there's not so many), you can just wait for the stop over or break in between your trip. Sometimes, it stops in a gasoline station or near some fast food restaurants.

5. Decent seat. but not so spacious. For a little, tiny 'me', it was a little bit difficult to sleep and sit in a just 'fit in' bus seat. Maybe that is why it is affordable, because not everyone can do it longer so others prefer trains or planes to travel. I am actually thinkng, if I can't bear to be comfortably seated for long hours in this bus, what more the other 'long-legged people' or anyone taller than me. 

6. One hand-carry and one luggage. Every traveller has a inclusive one hand-carry and one luggage to bring. All luggages are placed on the storage area of the bus. You can add some more luggage but you have to pay extra for it.

7. It is a double decker bus. One of the things I am amazed here in Europe is their double decker busses. Isn't it so efficient because it carries more people in one transport? In a double decker bus, the first row seat on the second deck is one good spot if you would like to sightseeing because you have the whole area in front of you in a wide glass window. It is perfect seat for day travel, when you just want to see what's in the road. Most of the time, the seat is reserved, but sometimes I think it is first come, first serve basis. 

8. Easy online booking. You can easily book online and find your destinations. They have an App available. It is advisable to book early to catch the cheapest fare. The fare changes from time to time.

Back to my Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich story, the streets are full with people wearing traditional Bavarian attire. They called it 'Dirndl' for the female attire and 'Lederhose' for male. We should have bought a traditional attire to feel it more, but we haven't actually stayed long in the Oktoberfest. We have visited other place in Munich too. That's on another blog story. 

We were there only for more or less than an hour, only just to feel the vibe and see what's inside and what's going on with this feast. It was like a big carnival with many different food and sweets stalls to chose from, and of course the main drink that you can buy in all sorts would be beer. I am normally not into beer, so skipping it out doesn't matter so much for me. The vibe was so alive and we haven't got a chance to get inside one of the number of tents, where most beer are served. Every top brands has its own big tents, where all the beer drinking happens.

Other than that, what is in the grounds are exciting rides, lot of food stalls and mixed crowd (people of all ages). So it isn't really only for drinking buddies, but also for the family too which I found really good. 

MOTTO OF THE DAY: Wiesn (term they also used for Oktoberfest). Your wallet may be empty, but your phone book is full. You might have spent today a lot for mugs of beer, but at least you gain new friends. :)
Short clip on our Oktoberfest 2018 visit in Munich

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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