My First Birthday in Deutschland and what I did: Potsdam: Babelsberg Park (A dreamer's quiet escape)

Friday, October 19, 2018

Hey girl!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Happy Birthday to me! That's how they say it here. I just celebrated my very first birthday in Germany. Since I came here, all I did was to explore more interesting places. I feel actually lucky to be based in Berlin because I found that there are so many possibilities ahead of me in reaching fascinating places. Actually, being in Germany itself opened a way to travel and wanderlust to different places.

A week ago, I planned to celebrate my birthday to explore some place I've never been before and at the same time enjoy and at least relax for a day. One thing I loved about Germany is their 'nature parks'. They actually have a lot of parks here, where people also enjoy going during their free time. Every park here has something unique to offer and I am always in awe seeing plainly the beauty of nature. We went to Babelsberg Park in Potsdam. It is a 124 hectare park that is commissioned by Prince Wilhelm. This is my second time in Potsdam and by far it is a city that is I can say for 'dreamy princess' like me. There are castles all over, large parks, lakes, and gardens. That is the combo that sounds perfect for me to decide that I should come back here and explore more about this city. 

Here is the entrance of the Babelsberg Park in Potsdam. The park itself is so big, so you really have to plan your way in going in so you can visit the all the sights inside the park. First of all have the park map so you have an idea where you are at the moment. We were right of planning our way because if not, maybe we end up struggling in the middle of the forest.

Here you can see the map of the park and some interesting places to visit inside the park. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage site.

So I will have to tell you our way inside the Babelsberg park and the places we have visited. Upon entering the park, I can tell everyone could enjoy the stillness of the place. And because it was so big, even if there are many visitors around the park, you can have your own 'me-time', own place where you could enjoy the breeze of the air and peaceful surrounding. As I gained a number this year, maybe peace of mind and calmness is now my thing. My kind of celebration, yeah!

If you don't want to walk too far, you can also bring your bike here to reach every places inside the  park. We walked anyway. You can do picnic, cycling, jogging, walk around, and enjoy the nature.

 Not so far from the entrance, look at your right in the lake side, you will see a house which we thought is already a castle and it turned out to be just a machine house. Where maybe all the electricity inside the park came. Duh!

For a start, this was already too much for us. We spend a lot of time looking around this machine house. There is also a perfect spot at the back of the machine house. There is a balcony, well more like a castle balcony where you can see through the lake. We cannot enter inside the machine house, but yeah, it is way cooler to stay at the balcony of the castle and enjoy the fresh air.

From the machine house, you will have a look of the 'Glienicker Bridge' and that is of course the Glienicker Lake. We will not able to go on that side. But hopefully when you come back, we try to visit the strand part of the park and this bridge.

Just a perfect day to unwind and release some anxiety and stress during my birthday. The weather was also really good that day. Not so cold nor hot. 

Walk further up, our next stop is the Babelsberg castle. Such a lovely sight! Balcony, Wide space aisles, details, garden. It has it all the starter pack of a castle. Since I came here in Germany, I've already seen 5 or more castles and I am just blown away everytime. I feel like I belong here. My princess/queen heart is so full here in Germany.

I never missed a chance exploring the outside of the castle. Well, so far I haven't been inside one of the castles I've seen before. I know for sure, in the future maybe, it will another breathtaking experience and story for me. Also, after a long walk, you can find a public restroom here if you needed.

From the balcony garden, there is also a not-so hidden garden behind the castle. The flowers and plants are just aesthetically arranged.

Then, hidden behind trees is the little castle which turned out to be restaurant and a garden place. The place was full when we passed by. You can tell people find it really relaxing and special to be here because it isn't so easy to walk this far in the middle of the park just to take a sip of coffee here in this little castle.

Of course, we didn't missed to chill at the lake side.  So calm and quiet out here. This place is perfect for picnics in a good weather. Weekend chill is so nice too.

Fourth stop, this time we already felt the aching legs. And we wanted to visit the rest of the places inside before the sun sets. So here's in the background is the 'Matrosenhaus' when you translate it in english it is the 'sailor house'. 

Just behind the Matrosenhaus, we already saw the Flatow tower or what they called here 'Flatowturm'. It stands 46 meter high and said to serve as summer house for the emperor. It is just so fascinating looking at it face to face. As a have said, castles, gardens, towers, bridges, lakes and seas. These are just my thing. And I am loving it here in Germany.

Here is the bridge located on the bottom of the tower that isn't so easy to find. We just accidentally gone here because we are kinda lost on the way after our visit in Flattowturm. It is called Bismarck bridge.When we went further on the bridge, we found residential areas nearby.

After quite some detour, we passed through the 'Gerichtslaube' or the courthouse. We actually haven't see so much about it, but I think it is not open to public. It was newly rebuild using the original parts of Berlin courthouse.

Last stop before heading out, we stop by Siegessäule or the 'victory column'. Here is the bronze goddess of victory commemorates the Prussian-Austrian war victory in 1866.

That's what I have for my birthday. To be one with the nature at the same time with these classic elements. I am satisfied. We'll be coming back again to Potsdam, for sure.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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