Tragedy behind artistic photos: Arte-Fakte

Saturday, December 22, 2018

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One thing I also like about in Berlin is that they have a lot of interesting exhibits here and there. Everything that is something new and informative will surely be my thing. I would like to share one of the 'Ausstellung' or exhibit that I visited last time. It is called Arte Fakte. The exhibit took place in Nat├╝rkunde Museum. It was also my first time in this museum and was too amazed by everything that I learned and saw there. Back to the exhibit, it showcased the photos taken by a New-York based photographer J Henry Fair. He took disasters/happenings in today's world in a bird's eye view and presented it to a different perspective. 

He, together with some scientists explained how and what is happening in our reality behind this beautiful surface art created in these photos. It tackles over environmental happenings and how humans contribute to these circumstances. How will it affect and is affecting what happened in the world today? What can we do to help and take part in the betterment of this world? Here are some of the artistic photos presented in the exhibit.

I think this was a fire from an oil spill. This is a process to eliminate the oil from the see.

Holy Shit Lagoon

Pink Shit

Beautiful to see tons of splashes of colors not until you look closely what was really there. These were tons of floaters on the sea.


The increasing energy consumption of the people equaled to the increasing energy production, which leads to an enormous impact on the environment. Finding the right solutions to make sustainable energy for the increasing demand wasn't easy. There are some energy-saving technologies developed to minimize the usage and effects. But at the end of the day, only us can decide how we take part in this worldwide scenario and make it in our own little way. Can we start now?

Water consumption. The usage of water on unnecessary things is a common problem we surely know but never taken seriously. Until we can still pay to have water to be consumed, most of us never imagine what it takes to have no water available anymore. One fact as stated in the caption in the photo. Cotton crops need a large amount of water. Here is how much water cost to make 1 T-shirt=2.495L of water and Jeans=8,000L of water. To think that, every second number of pair of jeans and t-shirts were sold and produced every day. Another consideration before we hoard things we don't need much.

I am guilty of this and don't you know that the increasing consumption of meat leads to increased production that later on a factor of climate change (example: greenhouse effect). Animal farming releases a large part of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases are released from the waste of the animals that contained chemicals from the feeds they've eaten. Not only that, it has negative effects on the land and water too. Mass production means greater destruction to the environment. In fact, 60% of the greenhouse gases emissions will be reduced, if we will together not consume meat.

 Plastic and what can we do more? It is no secret and it is one of the most talked about the problem that we have PLASTIC. We know already the facts about it. But how can we actually take part in this? Check out what can you still do.  

Here are some of the facts presented and there were a lot more. There was so much to keep and to learn from this exhibit. And of course, not only that we know the facts, but also we live by it. That is where change starts. To end this, I would like to share a quote by J Henry Fair "That's beautiful but not meaningful is decoration" Indeed. He takes out his artistic creation into mind-opening real life situations and I found it really impressive. I am glad to have visited the exhibit.

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